2 Boomers & a Beaver Do London

Adventures of a beaver across the pond

Dear Readers,

On March 8, 2013, Karen arrived on Wendy’s London doorstep, accompanied by a friend: Buckminster K. Beaver. Together, the threesome have been making their way around London and environs, reporting back on their adventures in a series of posts. We’ve collected them here for your convenience.

Batten down the hatches, London: It’s the Canadian Invasion
Karen prepares to depart, and introduces Bucky.

Welcome to my world
Wendy gives fair warning: prepare to walk your legs down to stumps, and eat until you burst.

The streets of London: Two boomers and a beaver
Karen, Bucky, and Wendy visit Stonehenge, and go for a very very long walk.

Keeping an Eye on London: The Churchill War Rooms
Our fearless trio views London from far above, and delve into a secret lair beneath Whitehall

Two boomers and a beaver: An excursion to the English countryside
Victoria Station, a train ride, East Sussex…and snow?

From the sublime to the ridiculous, with a stop for tea and scones
A trek to the Victoria and Albert Museum, followed by the Saatchi Gallery and a dude made from jellybeans

On your Marx, get set…slow!
After a slight delay, the team visits Bucky’s personal hero, Karl Marx

Elementary, my dear beaver!
An edifying trip to 221B Baker Street, followed by a delectable English tea

Two boomers and a beaver lost in London
Karen, Wendy, and Bucky meander from St Paul’s all the way up to Carnaby Street, with many stops along the way

A beaver may look at a Queen
British democracy in action, followed by a visit to Queen Victoria’s childhood home

So long, Piccadilly…farewell, Leicester Square
As the Two Boomers and a Beaver London Tour 2013 winds down, some reflections on a wonderful visit

A very happy, tired boomerKaren and Bucky fly home, and Wendy is left to contemplate the wreckage…and smile.

By KarenWendy Irving

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