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WordPress Photo Challenge: Spring

Dear Karen,

Blue, my intrepid and mostly insane kitten, has come to me with a poem today.  Doesn’t matter that she stole it from the great Ogden Nash, the inestimable e.e. cummings, or even the shy Ann Onymous; I’m just impressed I could read her normally illegible scrawl.

Spring has sprung,


Tulips springing out all over Regents Park, London.



The crocuses are busy in Kensington Gardens, too.

The grass is riz,


Blue tells me this cottage is in Kensington Gardens, where there’s plenty of grass. Not of the catnip variety, sadly.


The grass is attempting to riz in Knightsbridge as well.

I wonder where the birdies is?


Where are you, birdies?  I can’t see you!

Um, Blue?  They’re over here:

Poor Blue.  She just wants to find those damn birdies, to let them know it’s Spring and time to come back to our rooftop.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

Dear Karen,

This week’s challenge is to come up with 3 photos which tell a story.  We need:

1.  An establishing shot, encompassing the entire subject
2.  A relationship between 2 elements of the photo
3.  A detail, usually in close-up

Co-incidentally, just after Canada won 2 golds in hockey at this year’s Olympics (yay!), my subject is hockey.

The Montreal Canadiens, to be specific.

Last year, I had the pleasure of visiting the Hockey Hall of Fame, in Toronto.  There, some very wise people set up a locker room of only the best hockey team in the world, my beloved Canadiens, the Habs, the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge.

I walked in and had a total nerd breakdown.


This team could do no wrong, each of them talented, each of them a legend. This is the team I grew up with in the 60s.


Yvan and Henri, The Roadrunner and the Pocket-Rocket. Both stars, and to my young girl’s heart, both heroes.


This is the man I fell for, hard and fast: Guy, The Flower, Lafleur.

I was seconds away from kissing his jersey, when I realised there were security cameras in there.  Probably not a great idea, to get carted away from the Hall of Fame in handcuffs, so I resisted.

Montreal Canadiens. The best team ever, it’s a fact.



WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Dear Wendy,

The word for this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is “Grand,” and I think I have a couple of pics that qualify.

This past week Rachel’s school term ended, and it was time to pack her, her laundry, several projects, and a pothos plant into the car for the trip home. (Apparently it was important to bring the plant, since she’s managed to keep it alive since September and was worried that it would be lonely, or perhaps deceased, if she abandoned it for a whole month.)

Before we could leave for the return trip, though, I got to attend college for the morning, trailing along behind her and trying not to look too conspicuous.


Here’s my first interpretation of “Grand”–spending a morning with my (extremely tall and very grand) daughter!

Also grand: each of the various profs I encountered sidled up to me and whispered that Rachel is talented, hard-working, and an all-round excellent student. That’s definitely the way to my heart: tell me you think my kids are terrific, and you could be an axe-murderer or even a politician—I’d still think you were a grand person, and a discerning judge of character.

Another reason for celebration: November is over! Which means that all the menfolk can shave those odd-looking caterpillars and Fu Manchus off their faces, and return to a slightly less hirsute state.

And by “menfolk” I include this fine group of fellows, Shopify crew members all…


Though they look pretty sharp with their facial hair, I’ll look forward to seeing Adrian’s upper lip once more. Truly a grand moment. (Photo: Shopify)

…and Adrian. Especially Adrian.

Knowing he grew his ‘stache to support the Movember prostate cancer awareness campaign? Excellent.

But knowing he’ll shave it off now that the month is done? That, my dear, will be grand.



WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Layers

Dear Karen,

Layers of meaning, layers of thought, layers of warmth, layers of eggs…

This week’s photo challenge is Layers.

I was cooking dinner and needed celery.  Instead of pulling off a stalk, I decided to cut through, at the base.  The result was so pretty, I knew I had to take a photo.


a pale green rose

Lyra and Blue layer up all the time, especially now the colder weather is upon us.  They enjoy taking lazy naps in the afternoon.  All the squabbling and rough play of the morning disappears while the two of them cosy up to each other.

I’ve shown you photos of them being all Disney-cute and adorable in sleep before.  Today, I’m showing you a different side of them, layering up as only they can do.


Lyra was mid-dream, minding her own beeswax, when out of nowhere pounced…Blue.

It’s not often Blue stands on Lyra’s head.  Now that Blue has her attention, she might want to run like hell to escape the wrath of The Mighty Lyra.

A most magnificent bakery in Brighton, ChoccyWoccyDooDah, made this beautiful layer cake.  The shop is known for its outlandish and crazy confections, but word on the street is, all creativity goes into the design with none left over for the actual flavour of the cake.


The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

When cakes look this pretty, who cares about the taste?  Um…I do, that’s who.  I’m willing to give it benefit of the doubt, though.

This final one is what I’d call a Wannabe Layer.  Blue is determined to blend with the stool, but it’s just not working.


When a kitty tries to become part of the furniture #layerfail

Layering vegetables, cats and cake.  I’m sure there’s lots more than this and I’d love to see it.  Tell (and show) me what’s layering your life today!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

Dear Wendy,

Rachel is home from school for the holidays. And obviously, the first item on the agenda of our interior building design student is…building model houses. Like she doesn’t get enough of this at school, but whatever.

Of course, it helps that this is a gingerbread house, a seasonal tradition around here—I’ve been making them each year since Rachel was a baby, but these days I leave the building to the experts.

Now, most gingerbread houses are pretty traditional. They might look like this:

Gingerbread house with path.

Gingerbread house with path. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Or this…

Gingerbread house by Andrew Kelsall.

Gingerbread house by Andrew Kelsall. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Or even this:

In front of a gingerbread house.

In front of a gingerbread house. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But not if you live in our house. Round these parts, gingerbread houses are masterpieces of post-modern deconstruction. And it’s a delicate process, as you’ll see.


First, she sketches out the bones…

Materials and site are important considerations for any properly built gingerbread house. And what could be more delicate than dozens of wafer biscuits, held in place with royal icing, toothpicks, and a prayer?


In a multi-level house like this, it’s a trick to keep the walls standing straight.

Delicate as they are, these are still load-bearing walls. They must be balanced carefully so that the slab roof pieces don’t collapse or slide off. A single misstep could be catastrophic. Also, it’s important not to eat your construction materials.


It’s all falling into place now…


Once the bones are in place, the next step is to install the rooftop solar panel array.

And of course, you need wiring to run the electrical current from the rooftop panels into the batteries that hook up to the house’s electrical system…


Electrical system is state of the art. Toothpicks may have been involved here.


Ack! A wall is starting to lean! I told you this was a delicate process…


Balance is restored. Time to start the landscaping. Well, xeriscaping, actually.

Speaking of delicate, did you know that balancing almonds on their ends is quite a delicate process? Works best if you cut the tips off one end, we found. Yes, I started getting involved at this point. I was paid for my labour in leftover licorice cigars. I plan to launch a union grievance.


Also, licorice cigars don’t like being glued together and left to fend for themselves. More toothpick interventions were needed.


The xeriscaping is really starting to take shape now. Beware the tall cacti. They burn if eaten. Not that you’d eat a cactus, but still.

I like the delicate scalloping effect along the edges of the paving stones. This shows real attention to detail. And granola pebbles? Totally brilliant.



It’s entirely possible that the real delicate thing here is our family’s grip on reality…but I prefer to think of this as a unique expression of individuality. Yeah, that’s the ticket. It’s unique. Like us.

Nicely done, Rachel!

Lots of love,


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