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WordPress Photo Challenge: Minimalism

Dear Karen,

Every week, WordPress has a Photo Challenge; sometimes I’m up for it and sometimes, er, not so much. Continue reading

Send Wendy Walking: a trip to Mayfair

Dear Karen,

Last week I went on a tour of Mayfair, the posh part of London, together with my friend, Heather.  Yep, this is another episode in the series of Send Wendy Walking.

Continue reading

iPhone less than perfect? Shock, horror!

Dear Karen,

Yesterday, I finally did it.  I stopped using my iPhone5. Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Lars!

Dear Karen,

Today is Lars’ 60th birthday.  On 14 August, Lars Lykke was born, weighing in at 2.5kg and 45 cm long. Continue reading

Our holiday in Great Britain

Dear Karen,

Our holiday is over now, and all there is to do now, is look back and remember every laugh, every meal, every soft bed and every wrong turn we made in the past week.

Holidays have a way of turning serious, driven adults into children again, don’t they?  We charge through most of the year with our eye on the ball and our nose to the grindstone; having a vacation gives us respite from being grown-ups, even if just for a few days. Continue reading

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