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WordPress Photo Challenge: Minimalism

Dear Karen,

Every week, WordPress has a Photo Challenge; sometimes I’m up for it and sometimes, er, not so much. Continue reading

iPhone less than perfect? Shock, horror!

Dear Karen,

Yesterday, I finally did it.  I stopped using my iPhone5. Continue reading

WordPress Photo Challenge: Spring

Dear Karen,

Blue, my intrepid and mostly insane kitten, has come to me with a poem today.  Doesn’t matter that she stole it from the great Ogden Nash, the inestimable e.e. cummings, or even the shy Ann Onymous; I’m just impressed I could read her normally illegible scrawl.

Spring has sprung,


Tulips springing out all over Regents Park, London.



The crocuses are busy in Kensington Gardens, too.

The grass is riz,


Blue tells me this cottage is in Kensington Gardens, where there’s plenty of grass. Not of the catnip variety, sadly.


The grass is attempting to riz in Knightsbridge as well.

I wonder where the birdies is?


Where are you, birdies?  I can’t see you!

Um, Blue?  They’re over here:

Poor Blue.  She just wants to find those damn birdies, to let them know it’s Spring and time to come back to our rooftop.


Hanging out in Whistler: It wasn’t all just sorting archives!

Dear Readers,

Now that our primary mission is all over but the shouting, we thought we’d take you on a bit of a tour of Whistler, where we’ve been sorting out our family archives all week.

While we spent a lot of time indoors with our noses to the grindstone, we did get out occasionally to enjoy Whistler’s stunning mountain scenery:


Walking around Lost Lake, we skedaddled rather quickly when we heard a bear not too far off the path.


In Whistler Village, we stopped to admire this imposing First Nation carved figure, silhouetted against the mountains.

Did we mention that while we were here, it snowed…several times? Of course, this is a ski resort, so snow is not an unexpected occurrence, but in April? We were less than impressed. Even though it did look very pretty.

But the snow disappeared by mid-day most days…and by early evening, we could sit out on this patio to eat our extremely healthy supper. Look: veggies! And, um, other stuff.


Snow. Like Rachel and Karen hadn’t seen enough of that this year.


Eating outdoors at Merlin’s, Whistler.

Of course, we know you’re wondering about our faithful beaver companion. In fact, Bucky was quite restrained on this trip, but he did venture out to meet the bear who guards the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. They sang that John Denver song together before anyone could stop them.

He also enjoyed a cup of coffee with Karen and Rachel. For some reason, Rachel seemed less than enthused by his attentions. She still refers to him as “that little creep.”


Bucky met his match outside a chocolate shop in Whistler Village.


Rachel, Karen, and Bucky stop for coffee in Whistler Village. Stop looking so long-suffering, Rachel. Bucky is just being friendly.

Today Wendy will be leaving to head back to London, and tomorrow Karen, Rachel, and Bucky board a plane for Ottawa. It’s been a great visit, and we’re so glad we’ve had the chance to share it with you!


Karen, Wendy, Rachel, and Bucky






Adventures in family history: Getting started

Dear Readers,

Despite secretly suspecting we’d be spending most of our time here in Whistler seeing sights, shopping, and lolling about telling stories to amuse ourselves—in short, doing anything but the work we intended to do—we actually made some real progress in sorting, identifying, scanning, and labelling our family photos today.

We know, we like to live life on the edge.

Whatever. It’s what we came here to do, and we’re feeling pretty proud.

We started by collecting box upon box of loose photos, photo albums and a dubious-looking family tree from our downstairs locker.

A shopping trolley just lying about came in handy for carting the first load upstairs. And that, friends, is why we now have a trolley parked in the foyer of our apartment. We promise, we’re not turning into bag ladies. Yet.


Deep in the bowels of the mountain, we found a treasure trove of family memorabilia in Wendy’s storage locker. Plus a grocery trolley. Score!

We spread our day’s work on the table.


And this is only the very beginning…

Getting busy scanning photos and inspecting negatives.


Wendy sorts through photo…after photo…after photo.


Rachel, our intrepid and long-suffering photo scanning pro, hard at work.

Bucky felt lonely and unwanted, so we gave him an important job: Chief Apple Inspector. It made him feel needed, plus allowed him to have a healthy snack when no one was looking.


Bucky takes off his hat indoors. Such a polite little fellow he is.

Our work is nowhere near done. Tomorrow we rise at dawn to enter the fray once more. Tally ho the fox!

(Not really, we just think it makes us sound hardcore.)


Karen, Wendy, Rachel, and Bucky (Chief Apple Inspector)

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