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Family photos: Time travel made easy

Dear Wendy,

So remember last fall when I said we were starting to downsize, in preparation for putting our house on the market “next spring”? Remember how “next spring” seemed aeons away, and I was all chill about getting everything done because I’d allowed myself so much time?

Yeah. Continue reading

Our cat swallowed string…for starters

Dear Wendy,

It’s been quite the week around here, cat-wise.

You might remember that about 3 years ago, Ralph the Siamese used up one of his 9 lives by eating a chunk of flip-flop-type rubber? Continue reading

The kittens issue a fur-felt plea

Dear Karen,

I found this letter, printed and signed with pawprints, on my desk last week.  Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central: Monkey business

Dear Awesome Advice Central,

Why are my parents so cruel?  I’m only 10 but already I’ve decided they’ve thwarted me one time too many—it must be that they don’t want me to succeed in life, it’s the only reason that makes sense. Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central and the Kid-pocalypse

Dear Awesome Advice Central,

What a fine cucumber sandwich with mustard and sauerkraut I’ve got myself into today. Continue reading

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