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Sunday Videos: Our first of the New Year

Dear Readers,

Hi there, we have decided to show only happy videos today, which will hopefully take our minds off what’s happening around the world this week, if only for a minute or two. Continue reading

Send Wendy Carolling: a trip to Southwark Cathedral

Dear Karen,

Every Christmas in London, the churches are packed to the rafters, with charities renting out historic buildings for carolling evenings.  Each year, we go to a few, mostly because they’re fun and I get to bellow out my favourite carols, but also because they’re for a good cause:  raising money for the more Continue reading

Mummy? It’s me, Gilly, let me in your window…

Mummy and Karen,

Despite being sisters, and you both knowing me very well and having your own shared experiences, I’m afraid there’s something that you two may not have known. Continue reading

Video mortally wounded the radio star

Dear Karen,

Have you ever been so repulsed by a video that it turned you off the song completely?  That’s what happened to me last week. Continue reading

Animal videos for a summer Sunday

Dear Readers,

This week it’s all about animals.

A farmer plays a tune for his animals.  Do they react with delight or derision?  You be the judge.

A group of devoted animal lovers rescues the unloved, the neglected, the forgotten cats and dogs who roam our streets.  This rescue brought a tear to our eyes.  We hope this little guy has been adopted by the time you read this.

Why did the owl say, “Tweet, tweet”? Because she didn’t give a hoot!  Funny, right?  (okay, maybe not so funny) Learn more about these interesting birds here, like how they want to rip your face off and eat your eyeballs.  Honestly, we’re not kidding about this.

Enjoy your Sunday; we hope you’ll use it wisely by singing to your pets, adopting a stray or protecting your face from dastardly owls.
Karen & Wendy

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