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Wendy comes over all grumpy

Dear Karen,

The other night my neighbours decided to have a party, and enthusiastically blasted their very interesting music out of their window and directly into mine.  I slept for all of about 3 minutes, and can tell you the last  reveler staggered home at 4.30 that morning.

Oh, it was all good fun, for everyone but those of us trying to get some damned sleep around here. Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central breaks into song

Dear Awesome Advice Central,

Back in the 60s, I was in to booze, drugs, and women. And not necessarily in that order, if you know what I mean! Time has been good to me though, and I’ve given up the booze and the drugs. Like Mr Loaf says, “Two Outta Three Ain’t Bad,” right?

I still love women and now, after my recent divorce, I’m looking for my one true love. But it’s a long and dangerous path, strewn with women who want me for my money, my looks, my Maserati, but not for my inner man (that’s the man who lies within my outer man, according to my life coach). Continue reading

Sunday Videos: Our first of the New Year

Dear Readers,

Hi there, we have decided to show only happy videos today, which will hopefully take our minds off what’s happening around the world this week, if only for a minute or two. Continue reading

Send Wendy Carolling: a trip to Southwark Cathedral

Dear Karen,

Every Christmas in London, the churches are packed to the rafters, with charities renting out historic buildings for carolling evenings.  Each year, we go to a few, mostly because they’re fun and I get to bellow out my favourite carols, but also because they’re for a good cause:  raising money for the more Continue reading

Mummy? It’s me, Gilly, let me in your window…

Mummy and Karen,

Despite being sisters, and you both knowing me very well and having your own shared experiences, I’m afraid there’s something that you two may not have known. Continue reading

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