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Change – it’ll be a doozy this summer

Dear Karen,

Ch-ch-ch-changes, turn and face the strain.  Thanks, David Bowie, for putting it so well.

Like you, we’re also facing the strain of a few changes this summer. 

Lars and I will begin our summer in one home, and end up in another, in a different country and continent. Continue reading

Sunday videos: we love 60s toys

Dear Readers,

First up, an artist who uses Spirograph to make something quite wonderful.

Meccano could be found in almost every child’s toy box in the 60s.  We were content to make miniature cars.  Not James May.  He has bigger (and longer) things in mind.  Note:  we can only assume the people on the opposite side of canal are the engineers who built this bridge.

While searching for the final video, we found this Barbie commercial, starring a very familiar actress of the 60s.  We couldn’t resist and are off to the shops now, with our $1.50, hoping these keen Barbies are still in stock.

Have a great Sunday, see you next week!

Karen & Wendy

Is your kid a juvenile cyber-criminal?

Dear Wendy,

Have you heard the news story about the Grade 8 kid who was arrested for the crimes of “offense against a computer system” and “unauthorized access”?

His crime: he used his school’s administrative password (which he gleaned by watching a teacher type it in) to gain access to his teacher’s computer. Once in, the boy, Domanik Green, changed the teacher’s desktop background to a picture of two men kissing. Continue reading

Moving forward, looking backward

Dear Wendy,

With our house up for sale, potential buyers traipsing through at a pretty good clip, and our sights already on the condo we recently purchased, it seems like Mitchell and I are on our way to a new phase in our lives.

We’ve spent so much of the past few months focusing ahead—first on prepping our house for sale, and then on where and how we want to live—that there’s really been no time for looking backward. Continue reading

A Seder to remember: Our family’s Haggadah

Dear Wendy,

Here’s something you might not know about me: many years ago, I wrote a Haggadah—the order of service used in the Passover Seder. That’s not a remarkable feat in itself—there are many versions, most far more learned than mine—but as far as I know, mine is the only one written by a non-Jewish woman. Continue reading

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