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So we’re retired – what the hell happens now?

Dear Karen,

Last week, I became the wife of a retiree.  Yeah.  I know.

We’d been thinking and talking about the Big Day since last year, and recently, a friend of mine suggested I keep a diary, penning my thoughts about how he’s handling it.  She suggested I call it The First 50 Days.   I thought about doing that, but realised, I’d rather think about how I’m coping instead.

I guess I’m selfish that way.

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The day I visited Mama Rosie

Dear Karen,

Mama Rosie had been called away that afternoon, so her deputy spoke to us instead.  We sat on plastic chairs in an empty room, the size of a two-car garage, listening in total silence to this Afrikaans woman tell us what we were about to see.

And who we were about to meet.

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Sunday videos are so…

Dear Readers,

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Oh, baby!

A year ago, I was sitting in a hospital waiting room, anxiously awaiting (as one does) news of my daughter, who was in her nth day of labour.  I would have happily chewed my arm off, to relieve her of the pain of childbirth.  I scribbled on my iPad that day, trying to keep myself busy, while waiting, worrying, and, well…weminiscing. Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central: Bingo!

Dear Awesome Advice Central,

I’m seriously considering dumping my boyfriend, not because he’s wrong for me, but because of his fans.

We can’t leave our apartment without some weird stalker loon jumping in front of him, trying to take a photo of him. We can’t go to a nice restaurant for lunch or dinner without someone asking for an autograph. We can’t go clubbing without some floozy making a pass at him (in front of me!) or offering him illegal drugs. Continue reading

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