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Mummy? It’s me, Gilly, let me in your window…

Mummy and Karen,

Despite being sisters, and you both knowing me very well and having your own shared experiences, I’m afraid there’s something that you two may not have known. Continue reading

A retiring woman

Dear Karen,

Well, the news is out. It’s official. Or at least, it will be, once I finish writing this today. It had to happen one day, I know that. It’s been a good ride – no, it’s been a great ride – but now it’s coming to an end and Lars and I are looking at this newest development in our lives with excitement and a certain amount of apprehension in what lies ahead. Continue reading

What’s in a name? A lot, when it comes to London

Dear Karen,

I love pottering around London.  Walking through the smaller streets and lanes, it’s hard to know where to look sometimes.  Shall I gawk at the stunning architecture, or perhaps the artfully casual flower boxes in windows?  Or the doors.  I love the doors. Continue reading


Dear Karen,

Doors.  They’re boring, utilitarian, and terribly important.

They open our minds and our homes.  They keep us safe when closed, and offer us endless opportunity when open.
Conversely, they also lock us in and allow interlopers to trespass, if we’re not careful.
Do you ever wonder what lies beyond the doors we pass every day?


Underground corridors of Somerset House, with doors leading to even more doors.

I do.

But I’m not a Peeping Thomasina or a burglar, so I’m afraid my curiosity is never satisfied.


A gate on a stables in the country? Not really. This is actually to be found in the heart of the West End.

There are doors in London that I love, which I walk past daily and can’t help but photograph.  Looking through my albums, I’m always surprised to see how many photos of doors I do take.


The V & A Museum. It’s best to describe this museum using photos instead of words, I find.


You’ve heard of Red Sails in the Sunset? Well, let me introduce you to Red Doors in Mayfair!


Probably my favourite door in London, this one sits in Portman Square, Marylebone.

Perhaps there’s a deep psychological reason for this.  Or maybe I’m as profound as a puddle drying in the sun, and I just happen to like doors.


I adore the art deco lettering on this address. Very swank, very 1930s.


Wonderful Wigmore Hall, which holds Sunday morning classical concerts for those us who can get out of bed early enough.



A sweet little school in Marylebone.

Who knows?

Some doors lead to shopping and creative pleasures.


Less of a door and more of a doorway to beautiful trinkets and clothing, stylishly displayed and expensively ticketed.


Every theatre has one. This one, near Covent Garden, is more handsome than most.

Some are rather royal.


The Orangery in Kensington Palace – I bet Kate looks out of her palace window each day and wishes she could trot down here for a cup of tea with the rest of us.

And yet others are tests of courage. 

This is a little kitten wondering if she dare pass through the door into the living room, knowing a much larger cat waits for her within.


Blue. She dared. And the rest is history.

Doors. They’re more than an open-and-shut case.




Happy Canada Day!

Dear Readers,

July 1 is Canada Day, and we’re both off celebrating our nation’s birthday in our own way: with beaver tails, poutine, Nanaimo bars, back bacon, and butter tarts. Oh, and beer. (Yes, we like to cover all the basic food groups. We’re good that way.)

In London, we hear Trafalgar Square will be taken over for a “truly Canadian party.”

Of course in Ottawa, the usual Canada Day extravaganza will get under way early in the day, and continue into the evening, culminating in fireworks over the Parliament Buildings.

For those of you old enough to remember 1967, we offer this trip back in time: both of us remember learning this song and singing it at school, while working on our Confederation Projects to commemorate Canada’s 100th birthday! We dare you not to tap your foot and sing along….

But wherever you are, and however you choose to celebrate, we wish you and yours a wonderful, safe, and happy Canada Day.


Karen and Wendy



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