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How to boost your Twitter numbers and lose friends

Dear Karen,

Okay, today I was going to write to you about my trip to Denmark.  With daughter and grandson.  But then this happened on Twitter.

And I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so Denmark will have to wait for another day.   Continue reading

Thank you, Reptilian Overlords!

Dear Karen,

Today I’d planned to tell you all about my trip to Denmark.

About how the family fell in love with my grandson, and how he fell in love with them.  About the food.  The cold.  The beauty of that nordic country.

I think I’ll save all that for next week though, because something really odd happened  when I got home on Wednesday. Continue reading

London and the joy of Afternoon Tea

Dear Karen,

Since moving to London in 2012, I’ve discovered the joy of tea.

Not the drink, per se, but the setting aside of a few hours in an afternoon to linger over  tiny, perfectly made sandwiches, scones, and pastries, along with a good cup of tea.  As an added touch of decadence, a glass of champagne goes down well.

Of course, I’m talking about Afternoon Tea.

Continue reading

Send Wendy Walking: The White Cliffs of Dover

Dear Karen,

In our quest to see as much of England as possible before departing its grassy shores, we went to Dover yesterday, to walk the White Cliffs.

Thanks to dedicated readers adding to our Send Wendy Walking page, the cliffs have been on my mind since December.

As always, I’m glad we made the effort.

Continue reading

Swingin’ on the Eurostar: To Paris and…back?

Dear Karen,

On Saturday, we boarded the 06.18 Eurostar, bound for Paris.  We were sleepy, having been up since 4, but happy to embark on a day trip to the City of Lights. Continue reading

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