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An ideal houseguest?

Dear Karen,

A few weeks ago, I brazenly invited myself to visit a new friend living in a renovated barn, in Hampshire.  Poor thing didn’t stand a chance.  Before she could even protest, I’d already booked passage south from London.

I had bought a gift to bring along, just to prove I’m not an ignoramus who invites herself to someone’s house and then is too rude to bring an offering.

Error Number One

I forgot the gift, leaving it on my dining table before catching the train. Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central: Clothing optional

Dear Awesome Advice Central,

Hey there, I’m writing to you because the police say they don’t have enough evidence to go on, and they refuse to arrest the lady (and I use that term very loosely) across the way from me. They (the cops) say I should “talk to someone”, like I’m a crazy nutbar foop-shooby one-sandwich-short-of-a-picnic type of guy.

I doubt you can help, to be honest. Continue reading

Back to the future…again!

Dear Karen,

One man, one woman, one cat.  That’s how Lars and I started out. Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central: The Empress’s new clothes, part 2

Dear Readers,

This week, we are suffering a crisis out of all proportion:  one of us had had a technical emergency involving a hotel boy and a laptop, while the other has been flying Economy and drinking wine out of plastic cups.  Oh, the unspeakable horror! Continue reading

Fashion rules need not apply

Dear Wendy,

As fall approaches, the annual spate of “What to Wear to Look Like a Total Hot Tamale This Fall!1!” articles are starting to proliferate. In magazines and online, fashion rules and trends are popping up like mushrooms. This season, we’re supposed to Continue reading

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