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Sunday videos are so…

Dear Readers,

That’s so….fluffy! Continue reading

How to annoy a knitter

Dear Wendy,

As you know, I’m a fairly passionate knitter. And when I say “fairly passionate” I mean in the same sense that the Pope is “fairly Catholic.”

Unlike the Pope, however, I would never claim any kind of infallibility in the knitting department. In fact, I’m one of the most fallible knitters I know—but when I pick up a pair of needles and some wool, I am pretty much unstoppable. Like a freight train.

So maybe it’s this air of intense concentration that seems to prompt non-knitters to say the oddest things to me. Continue reading

Log cabin blanket: Simple winter knit

Dear Wendy,

I can’t believe we’re rounding the corner into the last week of January! The month usually drags for me, as I wait impatiently for the snow and ice to melt. But this year, with all the frenetic activity in our house, January has whipped past in a bit of a blur.

That’s why I’m glad I chose a super-simple pattern—a version of a knitted log cabin blanket—as my first project of 2015. Continue reading

Mothers and daughters: Reluctant gifts

Dear Wendy,

Last week someone asked me how I learned to knit.

I paused for a moment, trying to remember—I’ve been doing it for so long now, it’s hard to recall the details. I do know that our mother had something to do with it, which is a bit out of character for her, since she didn’t go in much for that whole “mothers and daughters” thing. Continue reading

The joy (and pain) of hand knit gloves

Dear Wendy,

This week has been unseasonably warm in Ottawa, which makes what I am about to say sound faintly ridiculous: in anticipation of winter, which looms only a few weeks in the future, I finally finished knitting a pair of  Very Warm Gloves. Continue reading

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