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Sunday videos: bye, you sexy thang

Dear Readers,

This week, we say goodbye to yet another singer, Errol Brown, who gave us this hot disco hit in the 70s.  One of our friends thought the song was an advert for a drink called Milko, which to her, made perfect sense.  After all, Errol believed in Milko (there’s no such product as Milko, by the way). Continue reading

Wendy comes over all grumpy

Dear Karen,

The other night my neighbours decided to have a party, and enthusiastically blasted their very interesting music out of their window and directly into mine.  I slept for all of about 3 minutes, and can tell you the last  reveler staggered home at 4.30 that morning.

Oh, it was all good fun, for everyone but those of us trying to get some damned sleep around here. Continue reading

Final days in Cape Town

Dear Karen,

Together with 2 other friends, I went on a drive from Cape Town, to the Cape of Good Hope and points between, on my trip to South Africa.


And away we go!

By this point in our trip, my back was playing up like a sulky teenager, so I was glad to sit in a car and not do anything terribly energetic, like walking.  What a wimp I am. Continue reading

The reluctant school volunteer

Dear Karen,

Years ago, I worked in at Glenealy Junior School in Hong Kong.  I didn’t mean to work there.  I didn’t even particularly want to.

But my darling son, aged 6, thought it was a great idea to volunteer me for every school outing, party and in-class event that came down the pike.  I’d helped out in his older sisters’ classes, so I was guilted into helping out in his as well.

To be honest, I’d hoped that by the time my youngest child toddled off to school, I’d be released from School Mum Duty.  No such luck. Continue reading

An ideal houseguest?

Dear Karen,

A few weeks ago, I brazenly invited myself to visit a new friend living in a renovated barn, in Hampshire.  Poor thing didn’t stand a chance.  Before she could even protest, I’d already booked passage south from London.

I had bought a gift to bring along, just to prove I’m not an ignoramus who invites herself to someone’s house and then is too rude to bring an offering.

Error Number One

I forgot the gift, leaving it on my dining table before catching the train. Continue reading

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