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Sunday Videos for a long weekend

Dear Readers,

Simple question:  is your cat a dog?  Continue reading

Send Wendy Walking: Things I never knew about London

Dear Karen,

Last week, I went on a London Walks Tour, called Somewhere Else.  A fairly vague title, I think we can both agree.   Continue reading

Coupling with Sunday Videos

Dear Readers,

This week, Sunday Videos is all about couples.  Some have amazing rhythm and chemistry, some are irritating, and one has bad breath.  It’s up to you to work Continue reading

Sunday Videos: The Sequel

Good morning, readers!

Today is Sequel Day, where we go show you ”’what happened next”. Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central: The Empress’s new clothes, part 2

Dear Readers,

This week, we are suffering a crisis out of all proportion:  one of us had had a technical emergency involving a hotel boy and a laptop, while the other has been flying Economy and drinking wine out of plastic cups.  Oh, the unspeakable horror! Continue reading

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