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Awesome Advice Central: The Empress’s new clothes, part 2

Dear Readers,

This week, we are suffering a crisis out of all proportion:  one of us had had a technical emergency involving a hotel boy and a laptop, while the other has been flying Economy and drinking wine out of plastic cups.  Oh, the unspeakable horror! Continue reading

IKEA wins Sunday Videos

Dear Readers,

IKEA is amazing.  We’re not necessarily talking about their peculiarly-named sofas, nor are we discussing 101 Things to Do with an Allen Wrench  (what a great idea!  Must do post on this soon).  We’re talking about their recent commercials.  Continue reading

Animal videos for a summer Sunday

Dear Readers,

This week it’s all about animals.

A farmer plays a tune for his animals.  Do they react with delight or derision?  You be the judge.

A group of devoted animal lovers rescues the unloved, the neglected, the forgotten cats and dogs who roam our streets.  This rescue brought a tear to our eyes.  We hope this little guy has been adopted by the time you read this.

Why did the owl say, “Tweet, tweet”? Because she didn’t give a hoot!  Funny, right?  (okay, maybe not so funny) Learn more about these interesting birds here, like how they want to rip your face off and eat your eyeballs.  Honestly, we’re not kidding about this.

Enjoy your Sunday; we hope you’ll use it wisely by singing to your pets, adopting a stray or protecting your face from dastardly owls.
Karen & Wendy

Our holiday in Great Britain

Dear Karen,

Our holiday is over now, and all there is to do now, is look back and remember every laugh, every meal, every soft bed and every wrong turn we made in the past week.

Holidays have a way of turning serious, driven adults into children again, don’t they?  We charge through most of the year with our eye on the ball and our nose to the grindstone; having a vacation gives us respite from being grown-ups, even if just for a few days. Continue reading

We come over all teary-eyed

Dear Readers,

Happy Birthday, little George!  We get a little misty and teary-eyed, looking back at his first royal year:

Who doesn’t love a good wedding?  Especially when the groom is the one making all the decisions, including choosing the venue, the decor and, most important for brides, the dress.  There’s actually a show about this, called Don’t Tell the Bride.  To see an earlier version of this show, we offer you this snippet from Stuart times:

We’re sure those of you of Scottish descent will be crying tears of a different sort when watching this.  Bob Hope died 11 years ago; he killed the Highland Fling many years before that.

Wiping tears from our eyes, we remain,

Karen & Wendy

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