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Perfect Hanukkah latkes

Dear Wendy,

Again with the recipes! Yesterday I told you how to make our mother’s delectable shortbread cookies, a treat she produced in quantity every Christmas.

Tonight we’ll be lighting the first candle of Hanukkah, and in our house you just don’t do that without potato latkes. My mother-in-law Phyllis taught me this recipe 30-some years ago, and I’ve been making them to her specs ever since. Continue reading

Happy Hallowe’en: It’s all about the candy

Dear Karen,

Happy Hallowe’en!  I love this time of year—the crisp air, the falling leaves, the hint of winter in the air, saying good-bye to the heat and humidity of summer…I love it all. Continue reading

An autumn visit to Ontario

Dear Karen,

After more than two weeks in Toronto, I’m finally back in London.  As much as I love being home, I do miss  Canada, mostly because I finally got the chance to spend 14 whole days there, with my little grandson.  Oh yeah, and his parents.  They’re kind of important, too! Continue reading

Saturday digest: Rosh Hoshanah, family, kitties…

Dear Readers,

Whoa, where the heck did that week disappear to? One minute we were saying, “Hey, Sunday, nice to see you!” and then bam! It’s Saturday again.

L’Shana Tova!

Part of it might have had to do with the Jewish new year, Rosh Hoshana, which started Wednesday night. Karen’s family usually celebrates the holiday together, but this year we were all over the map—Rachel in the wilds of Etobicoke, Mitch in downtown Toronto (accompanied by a rip-snorter of a head cold), Zayde in Montreal, and only Karen and Adrian left to hold down the fort in Ottawa.

Even so, the texts were flying fast and furious: mostly new year’s greetings, but also this gem between Karen and Rachel:


Maybe you had to be there.

In case you hadn’t guessed, Rachel is in white, Karen in blue. And the honey is a Rosh Hoshanah tradition—you dip pieces of apple in it, for a sweet new year.

50 shades of Blue?

Meanwhile, across the pond, Blue the ragdoll kitty was having an adventure. Blue has chronic grooming problems…or should we say non-grooming problems? She seems to have been standing behind the door when the other kitties were learning how to keep themselves clean and tidy, with the result that Wendy has had to resort to periodic visits from a mysterious man we will call “Steve the Groomer.”



“Is that the doorbell? I just remembered an urgent appointment elsewhere.”

But there was to be no escape for poor Blue. Instead, Steve the Groomer quickly immobilized her and slipped a mask over her eyes, then proceeded about his dastardly business:


“But wait! You never told me the safe word!”

S. the G. is nothing if not a professional—here he is, trimming the last bits:


“Don’t bother to trim the claws. I’ll need those. For later.”


“I’ve told you before, this isn’t funny.”


“You’re all dead. Including whoever let that maniac into the house.”

And if you think we are about to say even one word about shaved…kittycats, you are very sadly mistaken.

Meeting the long-lost family


Conrad Bartholomew Augustus Gugy

If you’ve ever dug even a little bit into your family history, you might have wondered, “What became of all the other descendants of Great-great-grandmother Matilda?”

Well, on Tuesday, Karen finally got to meet a long, long, long-lost cousin. We’ll tell you more about it next week, but the short version is that Melanie, a charming and warm lady from Mobile, Alabama, met Karen through Geni, the online genealogy site.

They corresponded for quite some time via Facebook, and this fall Melanie decided that the time had come to visit Canada, home of her Gugy ancestors. (Who also happen to be our Gugy ancestors.)

What is a Gugy? And what right-minded Gugy would marry a Geggie, creating (we kid you not) a Gugy-Geggie family? Stay tuned! Karen will explain all in the week to come.

Meanwhile, there’s coffee to be drunk, lolling to be done.

Have a great Saturday (and if applicable, a sweet new year), and don’t forget to check back tomorrow when we’ll share the week’s best short videos.


Karen and Wendy




Scotland the Brave!

Dear Readers,

Wendy is still on the road—this time reporting back from Scotland the brave, home of our Irving ancestors. But I’ll let her tell you about it… Continue reading

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