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Say again? Midlife hearing loss

Dear Wendy,

Many years ago, Mitchell had a favourite “joke” he liked to play: whenever anyone mentioned hearing loss, he’d cup his hand around his ear and say, “Pardon?” to get them to repeat what they’d just said.

Yeah, I know. A veritable laff riot. But it amused him…until his own hearing began to deteriorate. Continue reading

You can’t fall off the wagon

Okay, you know you’ve done this.

You’re eating right, tracking your food, getting all your calories and protein, exercising regularly…and then Life Happens.

You go on holiday. Or you have a birthday. Or your kid has a birthday, or your dog has a birthday, or you just somehow go off the rails. And by “off the rails” I mean “eat a bunch of high-calorie stuff,” or “forget to track your food,” or “skip the gym,” or “decide to live on a diet of sour jujubes, chocolate, and martinis.” Continue reading

The heart truth about weight loss

Dear Readers,

If I were to ask you, “What’s the leading killer of women?” what would you say? Continue reading

What’s your goal weight? And does it matter?

Dear Readers,

What’s your goal weight?

No, no, don’t actually tell me, I don’t want to know.

But you have one, right? Continue reading

How is a mammogram like earwax?

Dear Wendy,

I have a riddle for you: How is a mammogram like earwax?

The simple answer: it’s not. It’s a stupid comparison, a total non sequitur. At least, that’s what Rachel said when I blurted out, “This whole mammography thing is just like the Ear Wax Episode.” Continue reading

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