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Protein for weight loss

Dear Readers,

Do you have a diet danger zone? By which I mean a time of day when your hunger catches up with you, and you suddenly feel like you could eat a horse (or equivalent in chocolate)?

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February Detox

Dear Karen,

Only a month after everyone else, I decided to begin my yearly detox in February.   February’s a great month to tackle New Year’s resolutions, as by this time, no one’s piping up with didn’t you say you were on a diet?,  or whatever happened to you going to the gym?  I thought you were doing that this month.  Schmucks.

To do this, I needed to find a week where there was no husband around.  I didn’t want to have to watch him eat steak and drink red wine;  I’m sure he didn’t want to watch me eating quinoa and drinking wheatgrass shots, either. Continue reading

A shortbread cookie recipe to die for

Dear Wendy,

Over the years, I have come to accept a sad truth: I will never be a great baker.

I think I got my baking skills from our mother, who made excellent breads, very good pie crusts, amazing fruitcakes, and the most amazing shortbread cookies in the world…and that is all. Those were her four signature baked dishes—any other baked goods that came from her kitchen started life in a box with the name “Duncan Hines” or “Betty Crocker” stamped on the front. Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central: Sharesies!

Dear Awesome Advice Central,

I consider myself to be a woman of the world, a bon vivante, a connoisseur of the good life.  In all the experiences I’ve been through, what happened the other night took my joie de vivre, threw it on the floor, stomped on it and set it on fire.  And then peed on it.  I doubt it will ever recover. Continue reading

Fresh summer recipes

Dear Readers,

We’re already halfway through August (how did this even happen? I demand an explanation!), and the farmer’s markets are brimming with fresh fruits and vegetables at their peak of flavour. Continue reading

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