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December baking – choosing a theme

Dear Karen,

Hello December, what took you so long to show up?  This has always been my favourite month, not just because of Christmas (oh, the holidays, the food, the gifts!) but also because it’s my birthday month (oh, the cake,  the gifts!) and because this is the month when the snow generally shows up (oh, the cold, the hot chocolate, the snow forts!).  It’s an awesome month, all round. Continue reading

Our piece of history


Dear Karen,

It finally arrived:  our own piece of history.

Do you remember the art installation at the Tower of London earlier this year?  It was called Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red. Continue reading

A big pat on the back

Dear Karen,

I’ve been reading a lot recently, about parents saying teary farewells to their children heading off for university this autumn.

Do you remember those days?  I do.  Like they were yesterday.  It was tough,  but we got through it in the end. And chances are, so will those parents.  Maybe they’ll do it with a bit more dignity and decorum than I?  One can only hope.   Continue reading

The Unknown Soldier had a family

Dear Wendy,

When a soldier was gunned down while standing ceremonial guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier three weeks ago, Canadians were stunned. Not only did we grieve the loss of Cpl Nathan Cirillo, but we were shocked at the desecration of the monument itself.

Located in downtown Ottawa, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier commemorates the thousands of Canadians who were killed, or assumed killed, whose bodies were neither retrieved nor given a dignified burial. Continue reading

Like mother like daughter?

Dear Wendy,

I’ve been sorting photos lately (and I know you know how much fun that can be!) and keep running across pictures of myself…and then realizing that they’re not me, they’re our mother. It’s most disconcerting. Continue reading

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