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How to destroy a diet in less than 2 days

Dear Karen,

Last week, we flew to Denmark to attend Lars’s farewell dinner in Copenhagen.

I’d gone there with the best of intentions.   Having recently joined the FitBit generation, I was determined I wouldn’t overeat, and that I’d get tons of walking in, to off-set whatever extra calories I’d inhaled on the trip.


I didn’t even make it out of the Arrivals Hall in Copenhagen.  Continue reading

Is your diet plan giving you joy?

For the past few Saturdays, I’ve been reviewing some of the factors that can help make weight loss efforts successful—food-tracking, getting enough protein, setting realistic goals, exercising. Important stuff, for sure, but it’s all part of a bigger picture. Continue reading

You can’t fall off the wagon

Okay, you know you’ve done this.

You’re eating right, tracking your food, getting all your calories and protein, exercising regularly…and then Life Happens.

You go on holiday. Or you have a birthday. Or your kid has a birthday, or your dog has a birthday, or you just somehow go off the rails. And by “off the rails” I mean “eat a bunch of high-calorie stuff,” or “forget to track your food,” or “skip the gym,” or “decide to live on a diet of sour jujubes, chocolate, and martinis.” Continue reading

Plan ahead to stick to your diet

You’ve probably heard that it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission, right?

Wrong. At least when it comes to sticking to a weight loss plan. Continue reading

February Detox

Dear Karen,

Only a month after everyone else, I decided to begin my yearly detox in February.   February’s a great month to tackle New Year’s resolutions, as by this time, no one’s piping up with didn’t you say you were on a diet?,  or whatever happened to you going to the gym?  I thought you were doing that this month.  Schmucks.

To do this, I needed to find a week where there was no husband around.  I didn’t want to have to watch him eat steak and drink red wine;  I’m sure he didn’t want to watch me eating quinoa and drinking wheatgrass shots, either. Continue reading

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