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No BlogHer for us…again!

Dear Readers,

Well, another year has come and gone, and it’s time for us not to go to BlogHer again.

You might recall (if you’ve been paying attention) that we managed to not go last year. Instead, we created our own home-made Big Bloggy Extravaganza. Here are some highlights:

Opening night at not-BlogHer

Upon arrival in our sumptuous suites (Wendy’s upstairs study, Karen’s office/wool storage room) we sat around drinking margaritas, painting our own toenails, and toasting one another while chatting on Facebook.

In fact, we noticed that the halls of one of our favourite Facebook groups were almost empty, so we went over there and held a rather long and somewhat incoherent conversation, just the two of us. It did get a little echo-y, and at one point we swear we heard crickets chirping, but we persevered.

This might have had something to do with the margaritas.

This year we’re thinking of changing it up: instead of hanging out on Facebook groups and watching the tumbleweeds roll past, we’re thinking of hitting the Twitter. You’ll find us there under the hashtag #NotBlogHer14…and it’ll be totally BYO Jello shots and toenail polish.

Friday morning freebies!

On Friday, we decided to hit the virtual Exhibits Hall, where we encountered our first swag of the conference.

“Swag!!1!” We squee!-d in unison.

Wendy generously put together a Selfridges bag loaded with a lint brush (genuine lint still attached), a half-used mustard bottle, a cat satellite collar, paper towel and some paper flowers made by Wendy’s daughter 18 years ago, as a winnable giveaway.

She photographed the whole thing on Instagram, and said it would go to the first attendee to claim it. By sheer coincidence, this happened to be Karen, who was thrilled to bits.

Freebies this year? We had to wrack our brains, but here’s what we decided: we’ll have a draw, and the lucky winner will get a smooch on the lips from our intrepid and much-maligned mascot, Buckminster K. Beaver. Bucky is totally up for this…he loves smooches.


If he’s good enough for the courtiers at Kensington Palace, he’s good enough for you!

And just because Karen’s daughter Rachel calls him “creepy” is no reason to turn your nose up. He’s really very sweet, once you get to know him. Come on, give a beaver a break!

Friday afternoon seminar

Last year….

Karen decided to present her award-winning seminar, “Laughing Our Guts Out: Fame and Fortune via Insane Childhood Reminiscences.” It was a huge hit, even though attendance was a bit sparse. To fill the seats, we rounded up our faithful animal companions—Maydeleh the loyal sheltie, Lyra and Blue the adorable ragdoll cats, Ralph the Siamese, and Stella the tabby.

The audience barked and/or meowed enthusiastically throughout her presentation, though, so Karen felt very appreciated.


“Yeah, yeah, whatever. We were promised cookies. Where are the cookies?”

We Instagrammed them, and now they have 492 followers—approximately 300 more than we have.

After the seminar, we decided to hit the trade show floor. Since we couldn’t make it to McCormick Place, we decided to do the next best thing: cruise the aisles of the largest grocery stores in our respective cities, waving our martini glasses in the air and yelling, “Fill ‘er up, Joe, we need another drinkie!”

To simulate the experience even more fully, we randomly sampled delicacies from the stores’ shelves…that is, until the managers apprehended us and threatened to ban us from their establishments for life.



“I know this is the fruit department, make me another daquiri, stat!”

How could we top this?

Oooh, tricky. We had to think hard, but we decided it was Wendy’s turn to give the Saturday keynote, and Karen’s turn to applaud.

And that’s why Wendy will be giving a talk titled, “Drunk on Aisle 3: The Hidden Perils of Getting Sloshed in the Grocery Store.

We know many bloggers will be riveted by her story of personal sacrifice and the extraordinary ends to which she was willing to go, just to get fodder for our blog readers. She really is a trouper, if she does say so.

We tried to get the arresting officer to contribute, but he hung up when he heard who was calling. We can’t think why—we offered him a byline, and everything. People are strange.

The private party!

We’d heard that all the really cool bloggers were hosting private parties in their hotel suites, so we both took a bottle of our favourite cough syrup and locked ourselves in our own bathrooms. We donned party hats, toasted one another via webcam, and threw shredded toilet paper round the room. In lieu of confetti, you know.

To liven things up, we decided to hire a male stripper. Okay, actually this was just Ralph, and he didn’t strip so much as lie on the floor and beg for tummy rubs. But he was male.

Okay, he was formerly male.


Hang onto your garters, ladies–we have a special act coming up! Yes, it’s the one, the only Raphonzo the Magnificent!

For this year’s private party, we’re thinking of making it extra private: it’ll likely involve Skype, funny hats, and cough syrup. We can say no more, because then we’d have to invite everyone. You really can’t be too exclusive when it comes to this kind of thing. Sorry, but we must maintain standards.

All wonderful things must come to an end

Did we mention that before we left on our Virtual Bloggy Extravaganza, we scoured our wardrobes for just the right outfits to bring along?

As everyone knows, these Big Bloggy Blasts are all about the wardrobe…and the manicures, pedicures, haircuts, chin lifts, brow tweezings, and Spanx. Don’t forget the Spanx.

We wanted to really capture the spirit of the thing, so every hour on the hour we’d drop whatever we were doing and run back to our rooms to change outfits. Yes, it was stressful at first, but really, what price beauty? And of course, we had to Instagram each wardrobe change, because…well, just because. It’s what you do.


This meant that by the time the Saturday night gala rolled around, we were well nigh exhausted. But we’re troupers, so we retired to our rooms for a quick blink of shut-eye, a relaxing bath, and then one final change of outfits.

That’s when tragedy struck.

We opened our suitcases and realized, to our everlasting horror, that we had run out of clothes. What to do, what to do? We fired up our webcams and put our heads together to come up with a plan. And here’s what we decided: the only outfits we hadn’t already worn on the conference floor were our dressing gowns…so we decided to unilaterally declare that the gala would be a pyjama party.


Clad in dressing gowns, fuzzy slippers, and clutching our cocktail glasses firmly in our right hands, we sallied forth, heads held high.

Of course, we’ve learned from last year’s experience.

As much fun as that impromptu gala PJ party was, Karen got a little carried away with the cough syrup, and Wendy kept losing the tie on her robe…things got a little strange by the end, and we’re thinking it’s a good thing the memories have blurred with time.

This time, we think we’ll just unilaterally declare that the entire Great Bloggy Non-BlogHer Extravaganza should have a firm dress code: pyjamas only, from start to finish. Yoga pants may be worn, but that’s as formal as we’re willing to get.

Now, who’s with us? Come on, don’t be shy! You know you want to….


Karen and Wendy (and Bucky)


Great little food blogs you never heard of

Dear Wendy,

One of the great things about belonging to the blogging community is that we get to meet so many fascinating people, and discover the passions that drive them. One strand that fascinates me are the food blogs: it’s like being invited into a friend’s kitchen, learning tips and tricks that you might not pick up in a standard cookbook, and finding out what food means to them.

For this week’s Saturday list, then, I’ve put together a collection of some of the cooking and food blogs I’ve been reading lately. They’re a diverse group, ranging from the über-healthy to the ultra-decadent, with a few stops in between. From an “urban forager” who finds foodstuffs in the most unlikely places, to a pastry chef who’s earned her living creating yummy treats, to a “recipe renovator” who adapts recipes to meet special dietary needs…they’re all here, and each one is worth a read.

I hope you’ll take the time to poke around a little, check them out, and maybe even try a recipe or two.

As with every Saturday list, you can vote entries up or down the list, add your own comments, and even add your own suggestions—in fact, I’d love to hear which food and cooking blogs turn our readers’ cranks!

The best food blogs you never heard of

KarenWendy Irving The best food blogs you never heard of

KarenWendy Irving | 9 items | 261 views

We all know the "big" food sites, but there are so many little gems waiting to be explored...

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  1. 1. Baking in a Tornado

    Baking in a Tornado

    At Baking in a Tornado, Karen combines observations and musings about daily life with her recipes--the food tends toward the rich and delicious, but everyone needs a special treat now and then, right?

    It's an interesting thing about words that they don't just have meanings but connotations. We have dictionaries for definitions but many words, when heard and when used, are interpreted more in the context of what they mean to us personally. I've had this conversations recently with my older son in terms of words that segments of our society consider derogatory.

  2. 2. Skinny Kitchen | Healthy Recipes Blog, Low Fat Recipes, Weight Watchers Recipes

    Skinny Kitchen | Healthy Recipes Blog, Low Fat Recipes, Weight Watchers Recipes

    Nancy Fox runs Skinny Kitchen--as you'd guess from the name, this site is all about cutting the calories...but not the taste. Each recipe includes Weight Watchers points, for those of us who keep track of our eating that way.

    All breakfast foods in one hearty, super delicious dish. I can't wait for you to taste this luxuriously rich casserole! Perfect for the holiday weekend. It's so easy to make since using shredded frozen hash browns. I'm also adding bacon cooked on paper towels in the microwave to remove most [...]

  3. 3. Eating Wildly

    Eating Wildly

    Ava Chin is an urban forager: she knows where to find incredible edibles...right under your nose! Her website is fascinating, diverse, and entertaining.

    In celebration of #NationalEatYourVegetablesDay, this summer, I'm going to showcase some of the most sustainable wild vegetables that are available and growing all around us, most likely in your backyard, garden, or local park. Wild edibles are higher in phytonutrients-that's antioxidants, and good, old-fashioned nutrients that are inherent to the flora-than most vegetables found in [...]

  4. 4. K Cocina

    K Cocina

    K Cochina brings together the tastes of Latina cuisine, traditional Brazilian recipes, and more standard fare. Gorgeous photos!

    K Cocina: Bringing Sabor Into Your Life

  5. 5. Urban Naturale

    Urban Naturale

    Deborah Smikle-Davis' Urban Naturale covers more than just cooking, but her approach is fresh and healthy, and her Meatless Monday suggestions offer great meat-free meals for those of us who are trying to create healthier lives.

    Like many of us, I used to drink a lot of coffee but now I prefer green tea. In fact, I love green tea so that I have become a big green tea drinker. On most days I have at least 3 cups of green tea in the morning and sometimes I will have a cup in [...]

  6. 6. Relocation: The Blog

    Relocation: The Blog

    Mindy Klapper Trotta is a baker par excellence--she calls herself a "potato chip loving pastry chef," but we've seen nary a trace of chips in her delectable recipes. Granted, the blog is about more than cooking, but Mindy's recipes really are to die for!

    Browned Butter puts its pale yellow, insipid cousin to shame. It is butter that's gone on a vacation...to the tropics...and it's come home all tawny and burnished, and smelling goood. It's a little wild, a little flirty and sputtery, so it needs to be watched carefully as you melt it down.

  7. 7. Recipe Renovator - Building a healthy life

    Recipe Renovator - Building a healthy life

    Stephanie Weaver's blog is all about taking recipes and adapting them for those with special dietary needs--vegan, diabetic, migraine-friendly, paleo, and so on. It's a neat approach, and the results look pretty awesome, melding healthy with delicious.

    Is it hot where you are? This giveaway is hot! Our June giveaway features the four cookbooks I reviewed this month, a chile prize package, frozen Hatch chiles from New Mexico, a beautiful recycled cutting board from Epicurean, and bonus gifts of delicious dried raspberries from Stoneridge Orchards and a copy of The Unforgettable Photograph [...]

  8. 8. Healthy Nibbles & Bits

    Healthy Nibbles & Bits

    For cooking with a healthy twist, look no further than Lisa Lin's Healthy Nibbles & bits. Her Vegan Asian Cabbage Wraps caught our eye, and we'll be trying them ASAP!

    A medley of fresh corn kernels, zucchini, carrots, and tofu wrapped in fresh savoy cabbage. These delicious wraps double up as the perfect side or main dish! Yesterday, I woke up at 6:50 a.m. for a morning jog. Bleh! I work out in the morning a few times a week, but my morning sessions begin at 9:00 a.m.

  9. 9. Adriana's Best Recipes

    Adriana's Best Recipes

    Adriana's site is a visual and gustatory delight--with a Latin flair.

    Top source for cooking recipes.

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Have a great weekend, and happy browsing!



10 resources to amp up your blog!

Dear Readers,

I know a lot of you (okay, most of you) (all right, all but a small handful of you, and that’s my final offer) are bloggers. And if you’re like us, you’re always on the lookout for stuff to help improve your blogging skills.

Bloggers do this for so many reasons—for fun, for money, because they’re dedicated to a cause, because they love writing or want to be better writers—but most of us find that one of the great benefits is that bloggers are so incredibly friendly and helpful toward one another. We’re always trading ideas, thoughts, suggestions…and resources.

So for today’s Saturday List, I’ve found you 9 great websites that will help you: find inspiration, talk to your readers, make pretty pictures to enhance your words and make your blog look awesome, and deal with the ever-shifting world of social media. You’ll get hints on how to put Twitter and Facebook to better use, and who knows, you might learn a thing or three!

I’ve turned the sites into a clickable Listly list, so you can hop right on over to the bits that interest you.

And don’t forget: you can click on the little left-side arrows to vote your own favourites up or down; you can add comments; and you can suggest resources you like, that I might have overlooked. Keep in mind that this is just a tiny sample of the stuff that’s out there to help bloggers. I’d love to see your suggestions!

Hope you enjoy them—and I’ll look forward to any and all input.

Great resources for bloggers

KarenWendy Irving Great resources for bloggers

KarenWendy Irving | 10 items | 210 views

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  1. 1. IFTTT | Social Automation for Working Smarter Not Harder

    IFTTT | Social Automation for Working Smarter Not Harder

    Julie Deneen shares how she manages to keep all her juggling balls in the air--and Julie's got a lot of balls! Wait, that came out wrong. But she really is a busy lady, and a wonderful resource person for anyone who wants to get a handle on this blogging thing. IFTTT (If This Then That) is a site where you can set up "recipes" to help curate content to your social streams...without annoying your followers. Always a good idea.

  2. 2. How To Find Your Social Share Stats in 5 minutes

    How To Find Your Social Share Stats in 5 minutes

    The Blogging Betties are chock-full of excellent information, from "finding your social share stats" (say what?!) to blog monetization. You really want to check them out. Seriously, you do.

  3. 3. 59 Tools, 9 Books, and 7 Great Pieces of Advice on Productivity

    59 Tools, 9 Books, and 7 Great Pieces of Advice on Productivity

    On Wednesday, June 11, Buffer kicked off a new weekly Twitter chat called #Bufferchat. I use Buffer to keep my social media under control, and I found the information from this chat invaluable. (If you have trouble keeping up with Twitter chats, try using the Tweetchat app to keep it all straight.)

  4. 4. How Graphics Can Increase Your Conversion Rate - Starting Today

    How Graphics Can Increase Your Conversion Rate - Starting Today

    I am a completely unabashed Canva fan. And the Canva blog is a fantastic resource for anyone who's interested in adding excellent graphics to their posts or social media shares. This article on "increasing conversions" with graphics is helpful, even if you're not sure what a "conversion" is (outside of religion or football, that is).

  5. 5. 23 Rather Marvellous Twitter Best Practices for 2014

    23 Rather Marvellous Twitter Best Practices for 2014

    So you think you can Twitter? Sure, anyone can slap up a 140-word tweet...but there's more to it than squishing your thought into a tiny space. Passion Digital shows us how it's done!

  6. 6. Content Week: How to Consistently Come up With Great Post Ideas for Your Blog. : @ProBlogger

    Content Week: How to Consistently Come up With Great Post Ideas for Your Blog. : @ProBlogger

    You've been there. We've been there. That horribly moment when you think, "ACK!! MY BRAIN IS EMPTY!!" Copyblogger to the rescue, with a list of places where you can find stuff to write about. And if you really get stuck, there's always the old standby, the post about your cat(s).

  7. 7. Shh! Work-around Can Help Recover Facebook Page Views

    Shh! Work-around Can Help Recover Facebook Page Views

    Okay, I admit it. I wrote this. But if you're a blogger who's run up against Facebook's new sharing algorithm for its Pages, you'll want to know: there's a fix. It's quick, it's dirty, and it works...at least until they shift their algorithm again. So use this one while it's hot.

  8. 8. Feeling Uncomfortable: The Way to Create Amazing Content

    Feeling Uncomfortable: The Way to Create Amazing Content

    More from the Buffer blog. Yep, I love this blog. They're constantly sharing information that helps me hone my blogging and social media sharing skills, and their ideas are the kind you can put into action right here, right now.

  9. 9. The Art of Blogosphere Conversation: Responding to Readers

    The Art of Blogosphere Conversation: Responding to Readers

    Whether you blog on Wordpress.com or not, the Wordpress Daily Post has excellent tips for bloggers, along with prompts and ideas for those days when you can't think of anything to write.

  10. 10. The Definitive Checklist For Effective Blog Post Promotion

    The Definitive Checklist For Effective Blog Post Promotion

    Promoting a blog can be harder than writing it. Here's a checklist to help keep you on track!

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Virtual blog tour: Welcome to our world!

Dear Readers,

A couple of weeks back, our friend Vikki Claflin, who writes the seriously funny blog Laugh Lines, asked us to join her in a Virtual Blog Tour. We were pretty chuffed, as we think a lot of Vikki—she’s not only funny, but has an enormous heart and the ability to find something positive and/or amusing in nearly every situation. Also we think she’s brilliant. Not unlike us, ahem.

Okay, maybe opposites attract. Whatever.

Anyway. Blog tour. Right. Here’s the deal: we tell you all a little bit about how we make the magic happen here, and then we introduce you to some of our favourite bloggers. Sounds simple enough, right? Something even we could handle? Sure we can.

Righty-oh, then, let’s get this tour on the road!

1. What are we working on?

Wendy says:


Because who can resist a cat in a bowl?

My tan.  Okay, I kid, I kid.

What I’m really doing is trying to figure out what I’m going to write this week.  My choices are vast and varied: my cats, my kittens, or life with my cats and/or kittens. I think I might go crazy and write about my kittens, just to keep our readers on their toes.  Here’s a pro tip from an amateur:  if you read a post on our blog and it’s about the feline population, you can guarantee it’s written by me, except for those times when they’re not.  Karen also has cats.  She is not to be discounted in the “Hey, let’s have a Cat post today!” stakes.  She could sneak in at any moment and write one behind my back.  She’s like that sometimes.

Karen says:

Shoot. I was going to say, “cat posts,” but as usual, my sister has stolen my thunder. Okay, how about “an update to last week’s post about my vendetta against dandelions“?

True story: yesterday I bought the Ultimate Weapon, a dandelion-digging tool that will make the miscreants in my back yard cower in their tiny green boots. It’s about 4 feet long, looks like a corkscrew for the largest bottle of wine in the known universe, and will enable me to dig up dandelions without bending over or otherwise compromising my back. This is huge, people. HUGE.

Oh, except that now I’ve pretty much told you about it, so I guess what I’m really working on now is “thinking up something else to write about this week.”

2. How does our work differ from others in its genre?

Wendy says:

Unlike most writers who allow me to hang out with them, I have no professional training.  I make no long-term plans in terms of content, and I do like to crash into deadlines with full-force.  My post is due in at 05.02 on a Tuesday?  You can count on me pressing Publish at 05.01.  I like to live on the edge, I guess you could say.

Apart from that, I think we’re different because we’re Karen and Wendy.  There are a lot of great writers and blogs out there, but we’re not them and they’re not us.  We think we’re pretty special and like to blow kisses at each other when we’re on Google+.  We also like to wear silly hats when we talk on line.  Actually, maybe that’s just me, now I come to think of it.

Karen says:

There are others in our genre?

Okay, yes, there are many other truly excellent blogs about kids leaving for college. And there’s a growing number of blogs by and for baby boomers. And of course there are tons of really funny blogs out there…but as Wendy says, they’re not us.

We like to think of ourselves as the world’s biggest bi-continental Canadian baby boomer humour blog for people whose kids are about to or have already left home.  There’s a niche for that, right?

If there isn’t, there oughta be.

3. Why do we write/create what we do?

Wendy says: 
Now that’s an excellent question.  Well done.

Karen says:

Hahaha. You’re kidding, right?

Oh, wait. You really want a reason? We used to have one of those, but we lost it. Now we just fumble along doing our thing in our tiny corner of the blogging world, and hoping others enjoy it. Or at least pretend to. When a reader smiles with recognition, we feel it in our little bloggy hearts, and a blog angel gets its wings.

4. How does our writing/creating process work?

Wendy says:


Party on!

In a panic.  What do I write, when is it due??  Nah, I kid.  Usually it starts with something I’ve read in the paper, or heard on the radio.  Of course, I get a lot of inspiration from Lyra and Blue, my kittens.  I tend to only speak of my family in general terms.  If I get too specific, I fear they’ll shoot me.

So, I’ve found a topic that interests me.  I mull it over, decide it’s useless and will never work, then I begin typing.  I look out of the window and wonder why there are ducks on my neighbour’s balcony, when we live in central London.  I pat the kittens.  Check Facebook.  Write Karen to discuss a critical development on Candy Crush.  Then I get back to work.  Typing.  Deleting.  Cursing a fair bit.  And then, voilà!  I’m done. 

Karen says:


My process starts when I’m in the shower, or walking the dog, or listening to the CBC—something sets off a thought, and it ticks away in my head for a while, and eventually explodes onto the page. By the time I sit down to write, I’ve usually got an opening sentence or paragraph in mind. After I get that out, I let my fingers do the walking. Like right now, for instance. I’m not actually writing this—my fingers are. Completely independent of my brain. Clever little buggers, aren’t they?

The only problem arises when they stop, and I am forced to look back and read what they’ve produced. Let’s just say a lot of editing is involved.

And now, to introduce you to a few of our friends:

First up, Diane Tolley. We’ve been captivated by the wonderful down-home humour of her blog, On the Border, since we started reading it early last winter. Diane is an Alberta girl, and writes with depth, simplicity, and beautiful clarity about memories of growing up on a family ranch in southern Alberta. Her stories make us smile, and sometimes they bring a tear, but they never disappoint. Seriously—you should read her stuff. Just a word of warning, though: it’s very habit-forming.

Next on our list is Carrie-Anne Foster, who lives in our home province of British Columbia, and writes as That Dizzy Chick. Karen started reading Carrie-Anne’s blog a few months back, and was immediately struck by her description of Ménière’s Disease—it’s an inner ear condition that leads to chronic vertigo, which can strike at any time. Not fun. And yet Carrie-Anne’s writing is lovely: wry, humourous, and wise. Plus, she sometimes sneaks in cats. And owls. Highly recommended.

And we can’t forget Abby Boid, an ex-philosophy student who writes at Cogito Ergo Mum. Her stories capture the reality of life as a stay-at-home mum with grace, unflinching honesty, and an unerring eye for detail; it’s not all rose petals and baby powder in Abby’s world, but that’s as it should be. Plus, we love the name of her blog.

So…what are you waiting for? Get on over there and visit! Tell them Karen and Wendy sent you.




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Saturday List: My favourite knit blogs

Dear Wendy,

I know you’re not a knitter. Well, unless you count that time I forced you to knit a giant pullover out of apricot-coloured mohair, which made you look like a really furry pastel version of the Great Pumpkin…but that was a long time ago, and I say we should let bygones be bygones, right?


In any case, I’m a knitter, and if there’s one thing we knitters like doing almost as much as winding string around needles and turning it into wonderful magical knitted things, it’s reading knit blogs. In fact, even if you’re not a knitter, you’ll probably enjoy these blogs, because the knitters who run them are such awesome people.

For example, my friend Mary, who writes Hugs for Your Head, is the nicest woman you’d ever want to know. And her posts really are like a warm cup of tea on a chilly day…with the added bonus of beautiful pictures of the stuff she knits. You’ll see when you get there.

I’ve gathered up a passle (passel? neither spelling looks right to me, and I’m too lazy to go look it up) of wonderful knit blogs for your viewing enjoyment. They’re my favourites, each for its own reason: excellent writing, beautiful photography, patterns to drool for…these blogs have it all.

So go on, dig in! And don’t forget: you can click on the little left-side arrows to vote your own favourites up or down; you can add comments; and you can suggest blogs you like, that I might have overlooked.

Because seriously: this is just a tiny sample of the Wonderful World of Knit Blogs. There are hundreds out there, just waiting to be discovered.

Hope you enjoy them—and I’ll look forward to any and all input.



World's best knitting blogs

KarenWendy Irving World's best knitting blogs

KarenWendy Irving | 13 items | 250 views

I knit a lot. I read knitting blogs a lot. Here's my take on the best knitting blogs--from beginning knitter to pro, and everything in between.

Follow List
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  1. 1. Yarn Harlot

    Yarn Harlot

    The Yarn Harlot has been blogging since blogs were a thing, and knitting for a much longer time than that. She's from Toronto (yay!) and describes herself as a "knitting humour writer." She's pretty much considered a goddess in knitting circles.

  2. 2. Knitting Blog

    Knitting Blog

    The Oregonian has a knitting blog! This alone makes me think Oregon must be the most awesome state ever, even though I'm Canadian. Here's their blurb: "Get the latest Knitting tips, events, news and columns from The Oregonian's Peggy McMullen and Mims Copeland. Get articles about Crochet, Dyeing, Yarn, Patterns and more at OregonLive.com"

  3. 3. Samurai Knitter

    Samurai Knitter

    Julie describes herself thus: "I'm currently a stay at home mother, freelance writing on my off time, wondering how I became part of the ten thousand year old tradition of raising the kids while creating textiles. I grew up in NE Ohio dairy country, married a sailor, lived in Hawaii ten years, lived in SC for five years, then moved back to culture shock and confusion."

  4. 4. Knitspot - Anne Hanson Knitting Pattern Designer Blog and Knitting Patterns Shop

    Knitspot - Anne Hanson Knitting Pattern Designer Blog and Knitting Patterns Shop

    Anne Hanson designs and knits some of the most elegant pieces out there--you can find her patterns and her blog here. "The exact, right place where knitting happens (wherever that may be)."

  5. 5. westknits


    Westknits is all about colour, geometric design, and awesomeness. Stephen West's patterns make me happy. You should give them a try.

  6. 6. Stolen Stitches

    Stolen Stitches

    Carol Feller's knitting designs are beautiful--and her blog is a delight to read and look at.

  7. 7. Brooklyn Tweed

    Brooklyn Tweed

    "I always liked to make things with my hands, even as a young child. I began crochet & crochet lace-making first when I was very small, then picked up knitting in high school. My first knitted garment was a U-neck vest - at the time I could only knit and purl, so stockinette (or reverse stockinette) were the only fabrics I was using!"

  8. 8. mercedes knits

    mercedes knits

    Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark shows you how to tackle tricky knitting techniques--and she designs some pretty awesome knitting patterns.

  9. 9. Follow Hugs For Your Head

    Follow Hugs For Your Head

    Mary offers "brain food for crafty people: free knitting patterns, craft tips, and trivia on knitting, spinning, sewing"...and delightful commentary as well! This blog really is like a warm hug and a nice cup of tea with a friend...who knits.

  10. 10. tiny owl knits

    tiny owl knits

    This is the home of the famous Beekeeper's Quilt, aka the hexipuff blanket, which I've been working on for ages now. Okay, really it's only been since September, but it feels long. Anyway, here's where it came from, and Tiny Owl has loads more besides. Guaranteed fun.

  11. 11. Woolly Wormhead - unique & original knitted Hat designs

    Woolly Wormhead - unique & original knitted Hat designs

    Woolly Wormhead is a hat designer, and oh! her hats! She uses interesting constructions and beautiful yarns to create hats you want to wear in August, in a heatwave...because they're really that awesome.

  12. 12. Knitty: Spring+Summer 2014

    Knitty: Spring+Summer 2014

    Knitty is the longest-running free knitting magazine on the web. Launched in 2002, there are more than 11 years worth of fabulous free knitting patterns and free knitting articles in our library. Learn to knit, learn a new knitting technique, find a new free pattern!

  13. 13. Website at www.craftsoftexture.com

    Website at www.craftsoftexture.com

    A new one to me, but Sara's handspun yarn and beautiful knits are worth a visit!

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