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Awesome Advice Central: The Office Flirt

Dear Awesome Advice Central,

I need your help in getting a young woman off my husband’s back. And yes, I do know how awful that sounds. It gets worse, so stick around. Read and weep, ladies of Awesome Advice. Read and weep.

This office flirt, I’ll call her Bettina, works with my husband and is overwhelmingly, blatantly, droolingly, interested in married men. Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central divvy up the spoils

Dear Awesome Advice Central,

Last year, my husband and I called it a day. We decided it was time to dissolve our marriage (in acid, as far as I’m concerned), and move on (to a quiet place where I can bury him and not get caught), after 11 years of wedded “bliss”. Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central: The Chamberpot Incident

Dear Awesome Advice Central,

I admit it, I’m stunned. Gobsmacked. Furious. The list goes on and I can’t stop adding to it.

Last week, my daughter sent out her wedding invitations. This should be a time of joy, correct? Two crazy kids, joining in holy matrimony and all that stuff. Right? Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central: Gossip girl

Dear Awesome Advice Central,

My husband and I have been together for 5 years, living near enough to his parents that they can come visit on the weekend, but not close enough that they’re constantly waltzing through the door, unannounced.

We like our privacy, and that’s what’s up for discussion today. Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central: Mistaken identity

Dear Awesome Advice Central,

My wife says I’ve really messed up this time, and I’m afraid I have to agree with her. Please help!

It’s not really my fault, see, but that’s a lousy excuse that not many people believe. I’ve got a terrible memory for names and faces, and putting them together correctly. Continue reading

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