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Awesome Advice Central: Called on the carpet

Dear Awesome Advice Central,

I’m writing to make a complaint about your column. 

Having read them all yesterday (I’m a dedicated amateur insomniac), I’ve noticed a downward trend in your answers to people who need genuine help and counseling. Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central Dumbs it Down

Dear Awesome Advice Central,

The other night, I was at a cocktail party at a very ritzy club.  And when I say “ritzy”, I don’t mean they were serving Ritz Crackers. This was an actual party, with waiters and napkins. Cloth napkins, that is. Not the ones you steal from McDonald’s until you’ve got enough for a table of eight. Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central: The Empress’s new clothes, part 2

Dear Readers,

This week, we are suffering a crisis out of all proportion:  one of us had had a technical emergency involving a hotel boy and a laptop, while the other has been flying Economy and drinking wine out of plastic cups.  Oh, the unspeakable horror! Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central and the Kid-pocalypse

Dear Awesome Advice Central,

What a fine cucumber sandwich with mustard and sauerkraut I’ve got myself into today. Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central’s biggest fan

Dearest Awesome Advice Central,

I don’t actually have a problem today, but I believe you might. Continue reading

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