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Oh, quack off, Phil

Dear Karen,

Have you ever heard of Duck Dynasty?  It’s a reality TV show about a family who made its fortune by carving bespoke duck calls for hunters.  They look like they’re in a ZZ Top tribute band, which is kind of cool; their beards are amazingly long, and from what I’ve seen of the series, it looks like they live in the back of beyond, near the ducks, and thus close to their customer base.


She’s got wings, she knows how to use ‘em…

I never knew that duck calls were a big money earner, but hey, I obviously don’t know everything.

As opposed to the patriarch of the family,  Phil Robertson, who apparently knows a lot about murder and rape fantasies. Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central: The sin of TMI

Dear Awesome Advice Central,

When a waiter comes to our table of 8, announcing, “Hi guys, my name is Buster, I’m your waiter for this evening, how are you all?” is it really necessary that each of us offer up a reply? Continue reading

The little dresser that could

Dear Wendy,

Once upon a time there was a wooden dresser. It was a humble piece of furniture, built in a Canadian factory in the early 1900s, fashioned out of birchwood. It had just a little bit of embellishment: graceful curved legs, a simple etched design on the doors, pretty metal fittings. Continue reading

The reluctant school volunteer

Dear Karen,

Years ago, I worked in at Glenealy Junior School in Hong Kong.  I didn’t mean to work there.  I didn’t even particularly want to.

But my darling son, aged 6, thought it was a great idea to volunteer me for every school outing, party and in-class event that came down the pike.  I’d helped out in his older sisters’ classes, so I was guilted into helping out in his as well.

To be honest, I’d hoped that by the time my youngest child toddled off to school, I’d be released from School Mum Duty.  No such luck. Continue reading

Sunday Videos: Fun!

Dear Readers,

This week, we just want to have fun.  And yes, these videos fit the bill by making us smile, wonder, and in some cases, say “ahhhhhhh”. Continue reading

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