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Send Wendy Walking: a trip to Mayfair

Dear Karen,

Last week I went on a tour of Mayfair, the posh part of London, together with my friend, Heather.  Yep, this is another episode in the series of Send Wendy Walking.

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Sunday Videos for a long weekend

Dear Readers,

Simple question:  is your cat a dog?  Continue reading

The Saturday Post

Dear Readers,

Another week done and dusted…and guess what? Today is our brother Bruce’s birthday. We don’t talk about him here much, mostly because we wouldn’t want to drag him into our bizarre rants without his permission.


Actually, we don’t talk about him because he was abnormally cute. Yes, we’re jealous. Grr.

But he’s a good guy, and today is his special day. Happy birthday, Bruce!

Meanwhile, back in London…

Wendy relaxed this week, knowing her husband was out of town and that well-bribed kitties tell no tales.  Hoping to stay up late and sleep in, she fell asleep at 10 every night and woke at 5.30 every morning.

So much for living the high life.

Gone, Girl was part of her entertainment this week.  Having read the book, Wendy was interested to see how true to the novel the movie would be.  No spoilers here, but she will say that when Ben Affleck, a Boston baseball fan, was asked to wear a NY Yankees cap in the movie, he refused.  Wendy likes his gumption and team loyalty, even though she doesn’t care one bit about baseball.

And yes, he’s naked in one scene, but despite what you might have read, he was never full-frontal.  Wanting to give an accurate report, Wendy brought her glasses and a pair of binoculars in order to give an honest and fair evaluation, so trust her on this.

Clutter clearing continues

At Karen’s place, the infamous clearing out of the garage went pretty smoothly, and there were no further sightings of mummified mice. They found one dead mole, but that hardly signifies. The De-junkifying Ladies are returning early next week, to work their magic on the basement. Karen can hardly wait.

Yes, she’s being sarcastic.

That’s all the news from hereabouts, but we hope you’ll tune in tomorrow for our Sunday video picks. Meanwhile, hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

Karen and Wendy


Kathy Sierra and the ugly reality of trolls

Dear Wendy,

Have you ever heard of a woman named Kathy Sierra? I hadn’t either, until Wednesday, when I read a long, very powerful blog post she’d written. In it, she describes in vivid and horrifying detail why she has left Twitter. But this was no ordinary rage-quit. Continue reading

Send Wendy Walking: Things I never knew about London

Dear Karen,

Last week, I went on a London Walks Tour, called Somewhere Else.  A fairly vague title, I think we can both agree.   Continue reading

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