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Clawing my way back to fitness

Dear Karen,

I don’t know how I’m actually typing to you today.  I think I’m dead, or at least, dying. Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central Dumbs it Down

Dear Awesome Advice Central,

The other night, I was at a cocktail party at a very ritzy club.  And when I say “ritzy”, I don’t mean they were serving Ritz Crackers. This was an actual party, with waiters and napkins. Cloth napkins, that is. Not the ones you steal from McDonald’s until you’ve got enough for a table of eight. Continue reading

Nuit Blanche: Ottawa gets its art on!

Dear Wendy,

I know many people think of Ottawa (when they think of Ottawa at all) as a bit of a cultural backwater. And in some ways that’s true. As a city we tend toward the stodgy. You’re more likely to see national monuments and well-groomed parks here than, say, an all-night downtown art exhibit like Nuit Blanche. Continue reading

Wendy walks London: the Jewish Quarter

Dear Karen,

The first question we were asked was, “How many Jews are here today?”  About 7 people raised their hands. Continue reading

Sunday Videos: The Sequel

Good morning, readers!

Today is Sequel Day, where we go show you ”’what happened next”. Continue reading

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