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A big pat on the back

Dear Karen,

I’ve been reading a lot recently, about parents saying teary farewells to their children heading off for university this autumn.

Do you remember those days?  I do.  Like they were yesterday.  It was tough,  but we got through it in the end. And chances are, so will those parents.  Maybe they’ll do it with a bit more dignity and decorum than I?  One can only hope.   Continue reading

Seals attacking penguins for immoral porpoises

Dear Karen,

A few months ago, I wrote to you about some ducks that were visiting our next door neighbors in London.  They would swoop in every morning, quack for a while, then after an hour or so, fly off to their next stop.

I did some heavy research (time taken:  under 10 minutes) and discovered some pretty kinky things about ducks and their rich and varied sex lives.  I discovered ducks aren’t averse to a little necrophilia, which kind of makes me re-think my position on Daffy and Donald’s relationship.  Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central: Sharesies!

Dear Awesome Advice Central,

I consider myself to be a woman of the world, a bon vivante, a connoisseur of the good life.  In all the experiences I’ve been through, what happened the other night took my joie de vivre, threw it on the floor, stomped on it and set it on fire.  And then peed on it.  I doubt it will ever recover. Continue reading

Feminist: No longer a dirty word

Dear Wendy,

You know what’s been making me really happy lately? Feminists.

Especially young feminists.

In fact, I’m overjoyed that feminism, that much-reviled word that was forced underground in the revisionist ’80s, has risen again to take its rightful place in the public forum. Continue reading

In the empty nest, pets are people too

Dear Wendy,

After the kids leave home, we tend to think a lot about our very human emotions: loss of purpose, loneliness, a sense of aimlessness. Some of us grieve this new phase of our lives, while others stand up, beat our chests and yell, “Bring it on! I am so ready for this!”

Not that I would know about this.

The one thing we tend to forget? Our four-legged friends. Because when it comes to the empty nest, pets are people too. Continue reading

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