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Sunday video picks: Expect the unexpected

Dear Readers,

Time for our Sunday Video roundup, this week on the theme “expect the unexpected.” From humorous to adorable to just plain weird, we think this trio fits the bill. Continue reading

The Saturday Post: Oct. 18

Hello, Readers, and welcome to Saturday!

This week we Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving, and for the first time in 32 years, Wendy was able to join her daughter and family in Toronto for the whole turkey and cranberries thing. In fact, she had two Thanksgiving dinners, just to make up for lost time.

Meanwhile, in Ottawa, Karen’s family gathered for their annual bash—for a couple of years now, they’ve done it potluck-style, a wise choice when you’re serving a dozen or more people. Continue reading

The joy (and pain) of hand knit gloves

Dear Wendy,

This week has been unseasonably warm in Ottawa, which makes what I am about to say sound faintly ridiculous: in anticipation of winter, which looms only a few weeks in the future, I finally finished knitting a pair of  Very Warm Gloves. Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central: The Gala Affair

Dear Awesome Advice Central,

I have a problem. Well, of course I have a problem, or I wouldn’t be writing to you, would I?

Do you want to know what my problem is? Well, never mind, I’m going to tell you anyway. After all, you’re supposed to be in the advice business, so this is kind of your job. Continue reading

Send Wendy Walking: a trip to Mayfair

Dear Karen,

Last week I went on a tour of Mayfair, the posh part of London, together with my friend, Heather.  Yep, this is another episode in the series of Send Wendy Walking.

Continue reading

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