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Karen and Wendy



  1. Nice to hear a Dad’s comment — it is so hard to let our kids grow up and move away, isn’t it! I like your blog, and thanks again for visiting mine. Beth @boomersbliss

  2. Love-love-love your posts here ladies! Wendy, it’s great to “meet” you and Karen, thank you for posting stories that I can very much relate to (having heard lots about Rachel over the years from Mitchell). You’ve shown me the way… my daughter being 15 now. Though Heinz & I will be “trial empty-nesters” this February, while The Kid goes off to France for a 3-month exchange. Keep those stories coming! :-)

    • Thanks so much, Doreen! I’m really glad you found us–and having your daughter go off on a trip is indeed excellent practice for the future. She will mature so much, and you’ll get a taste of what lies ahead! Take care, and hope you visit often.

  3. I was lucky, I never had kids to leave, I lived enough through my friends kids.

  4. I love it here, my kids are 18 and 20, both at college. I’m glad I found you. There are a lot of mixed emotions sometimes. But, renting out their rooms? Hadn’t thought of that one!!! LOL Regards, Laurie

  5. Hi guys,
    Love your site and the way you are closing the physical distance through coordinating this blog. I was nominated by Cameron O’Hara at Canadaism for his Canadaism Blogger Award. Though I’m not Canadian, my south Louisiana Cajun country is rooted in the Acadians expelled from the country. They must have been some bad boys!
    Part of the award is nominating a Canadian blog. My post will go live July 9th at, and I wanted to nominate you two ladies.
    Keep up the great site, and God bless you and your families.

  6. Tam Warner Minton

    March 25, 2014 at 10:49 am

    I would love to talk to you about “hacking around on the internet” and monetizing my blog!

    • Well, I’m not actually getting money for writing this blog–it’s more that it’s become an incubator for me to develop my social media skills, test different approaches, etc. So it’s a very indirect way of turning a blog that I do for pleasure into tasks that I do for a living now. Does that make sense?

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