Are your kids about to leave home?

Or maybe they’ve already left for college, university, a year abroad, a few years in an ashram…

And maybe you’re wondering, “So…what’s next for me?”

That’s where we come in.

On, we show you that life in the empty nest can be a lot more full, and a lot more fun than you expect.

You’re still a parent, but your role is shifting. Your kids are still your kids, but they’re also young adults. They still need you, but in a different way. We talk about that here. And a whole lot more.

You’ll find…

As an added bonus feature, every Wednesday you’ll find the best damn advice column anywhere on the web: Awesome Advice Central kicks some serious butt in the advice department. And we’re not just saying that.

Who are we, anyway?


Here we are, in all our glory.

Karen and Wendy are sisters who haven’t lived on the same continent for nearly 28 years. We have two husbands (one apiece) and a total of five children.

All our offspring have now officially flown the coop, which makes us eminently qualified to blather, opine, and ramble on the topics of life in the empty nest, what’s wrong with kids these days, and the merits of Geritol (not really—After the Kids Leave is a 100% Geritol-free zone).

What we’re doing here

Back in July 2012, Karen realized that the last of our grown children would be leaving home within just a few short weeks. She started grilling Wendy—an experienced empty-nester—for info: what is it really like to live in an empty nest? How did Wendy handle it? Did she need to buy shares in the Kleenex company? Would Karen really be forced to part with half her sock collection?

At some point, the two of us had an inspiration, fuelled by too much caffeine and too many Twitter chats: we should start a blog! We would write it together! We would be brilliant! (Okay, so two out of three ain’t bad.)

So here we are. And here you are. And while you’re here, why not sit down, have a coffee, and get to know us a bit better?