Easter in London

Dear Karen,

Well, it’s a wrap:  Easter long weekend is coming to a close today.

Sadly, the Easter Bunny was terribly negligent this year, and didn’t think to bring me my yearly allotment of jelly beans and chocolate eggs (remember we used to call them chocolate footballs?  I still do, but only with people who understand me).

Kind of annoyed about that, to be honest.  Easter Bunny, you let me down.

Aside from that little glitch though, we had a good weekend.

We saw flowers blooming in Regents Park.

alt="IMAGE-pink tulips"

I overheard a woman tell her friend that pink isn’t a good colour for older women. I’m shattered.


Looks beautiful, right? This is one of the spots where Kim Philby used to meet his spy friends, during the Cold War years.

Saturday night, we went to the theatre, to see Angela Lansbury as Madame Arquati in Blithe Spirit.  The audience wouldn’t let her walk on or off the stage without giving applause measuring at least 8.3 on the Richter scale.  We’re just wild about Angela (who, by the way is 88 years old, and I bet wears pink whenever she bloody well wants)!

Sunday was raining but that didn’t stop us from going to the Victoria and Albert Museum.  Remember, we went there last year?  I could go there every day and never be bored.


Seeing the Chinese exhibit reminds us of being back in Hong Kong; we felt very comfortable in this room!


This, my friend, is the most uncomfortable pillow you’d ever care to use. From the Chinese exhibit in the V & A Museum


And in the Japan Room, we have this amusing piece of porcelain.


Gorgeous, isn’t it?

japenese netsuke

Japanese netsuke – the look on his face makes me laugh.

Moving on to the classical statues in the centre of the museum, there was much to look at.


Close-up, male face.

female statue

Just beautiful.


While viewing this unknown woman from the front was beautiful, I found the draping on the back to be equally exquisite.

I can’t not go to the V & A without looking at the Fashion section.


Stunning black velvet and silk gown, Victorian period.


Hello, 1960s! I can’t remember the designer of the far left, but the centre is Pucci and the one on the right is Courreges.

On our way home, I made Lars stop at the Brompton Oratory, to take a look at the Dead Letter Drop, where spies like Kim Philby used to leave cassettes or papers, for their handlers.

Right next door is another church, with a statue of St Francis of Assissi in its garden.  Right beside Francis is a large tree, which was also used as a secret drop for spies.  God, I love this stuff.


St Francis to the right, spy drop tree to the left.

And today, the final day of our 4 day weekend?  I’m getting on a plane to Vancouver in a few hours.  I’ll spend the night in town and then drive up to Whistler where I’ll meet you and Rachel (and okay, Bucky, too) for 9 days of riotous fun diligent work, sorting out the Irving family archives.

Of course, you know this already, so why am I telling you? :-)

See you soon,



  1. any day in London is a good day!

  2. Oh my. I missed the Victoria and Albert museum on my last visits. Obviously, a MUST DO!

  3. Older ladies can and should wear pink. Although I will accept the Victorian black dress in a pinch. I am just giving that way. I hope your flight is quick and comfy.

  4. Why do your posts always leave me wanting to read more? Does that say something about you:? Or me?! :)

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