A trip down the Great Vinyl Highway

Dear Readers,

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that on Thursday night, Karen went to see Randy Bachman’s Vinyl Tap Tour—where she was treated to a backstage meet and greet with Randy himself. We’ll be featuring her review of that experience tomorrow, but meanwhile, we thought we’d post a few videos to get you in that Wheatfield Soul mood.

Here’s Randy talking about his CBC Radio show, Vinyl Tap, and the inspiration for his 2013 tour:

Going way back…before Bachman Turner Overdrive, before the Guess Who…Randy’s first group was Chad Allan and the…um, well, it started out as “…the Silvertones,” morphed into “…the Reflections,” and then “…the Expressions.”

Why so many name changes? Well, in those pre-Internet days, it was hard to know when another group might have taken your name first. And each time Chad Allan and the Whatchamacallits got a lawyer’s letter, they had to change their name again.

Eventually, their record company listed their name as “Guess Who?” on the label of this single, and tried to spread the rumour that Chad etc. was really a supergroup made up of British rock stars. Listen to their version of “Shakin’ All Over,” and see why this might have been plausible:

And here’s Randy playing with Burton Cummings, his old bandmate from the Guess Who, on a pared-down version of “No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature”…

Hope you enjoy this trip back in time…and tune in tomorrow for the lowdown on the concert!

Karen and Wendy

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