Rock Royalty and the Boomer Fangirl

Dear Wendy,

Last week, a mysterious package arrived with our mail. I wasn’t expecting anything, and neither was Mitchell. We hadn’t ordered anything recently, and we didn’t recognize the return address, so we were both a bit apprehensive as we opened it. Should we be reporting this to the bomb squad?


The mystery package

Our paranoia turned out to have been misplaced. As I tore the 89 layers of packing tape away from the cardboard packaging, the light began to dawn, and I remembered: I’d known this would be coming, after all. I just wasn’t sure when it would arrive.

First out of the box, so to speak, was the t-shirt. Black, emblazoned on front and back: alt="IMAGE-Randy-Bachman-Vinyl-Tap-tour-2013"


See? There we are, first on the list: Ottawa.

Next up, the groovalicious songbook, complete with psychedelic artwork on the front:


Yes, that was an actual hairstyle back then. Also, we routinely wore bear pelts.

Followed by the VIP laminated backstage pass:


Wait, what?

Yes, backstage pass. For you see, I’ll be joining a select group who’ll arrive early at Randy Bachman’s Ottawa show tonight. We’re to convene at the box office at 6:45 sharp, where “further instructions on where you should meet the tour representative will be posted.” All very Mission Impossible, no?

Assuming we do find said tour rep, we will be escorted backstage, where we will enjoy a meet and greet with Randy himself—yes, the guy who wrote that astonishing guitar opening for American Woman when he was with the Guess Who. The guy who wrote—and sang—Taking Care of Business. Looking Out for Number One. You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet. She’s Come Undun. The soundtrack of our youth.

Randy Bachman is nothing short of a Canadian music superstar, and tonight, I’ll get to meet him. This is all Mitchell’s doing—he bought me the VIP package as a holiday gift, which is why I’d forgotten all this stuff would be arriving two months later. (I hadn’t forgotten the concert—I’m not that dim—just the paraphernalia.)

My heart is in my throat, Wendy. Randy Bachman has met and worked with so many musical greats, he’s a virtual encyclopedia of rock’n’roll knowledge. These days, he hosts a show called Vinyl Tap on CBC’s Radio 1, and I rarely miss an episode; it’s become a Saturday night tradition to curl up on the couch and sip our hot chocolate, while Randy takes us on a two-hour guided tour through rock history…our youth, our memories, our music.

I’m afraid today’s post is just a teaser, though.

I’ll bring you a full report of the evening’s events on Monday—because tomorrow, I’ll be busy packing to spend the weekend away with Mitchell, cashing in another holiday gift. Adrian and Rachel, bless them, got us a getaway weekend at a bed and breakfast out in the countryside, so as soon as I’m done breathing the rarefied air at tonight’s concert, I’ll be heading out to snowshoe and relax for a couple of days.

And of course, when we return from that adventure, I’ll be starting the countdown to my London visit the following week.

Oh, did we forget to mention this to our loyal readers? Yes, lovely people, it’s true—it’ll be Wendy and Karen, together at last. Much like Nitro and Glycerin, come to think of it. London may never be the same. And we have some special posts planned for the 10 days we’ll be together. Good times will be had.

And now, I must go make some hard wardrobe choices: do I wear the fangirl t-shirt tonight, or something a bit more dressy? After all, I’m heading out to meet Rock Royalty.

Wish me luck!



p.s. I almost forgot: they also sent me an official Randy Bachman guitar pick keychain. If you like, I can bring it with me when I come. You’ll definitely be the first kid on your block with this baby!


You want it? It’s yours.


  1. Love Randy Bachman! Have a blast at the concert you lucky girl!

  2. NICE!!! I am reading this late, so I’m assuming you had a great time. Ottawa rocks. Canada rocks! Have fun in London. I’m sure London rocks too. :)

    • Thanks! It was hugely entertaining, and great to meet Randy in person. I’ll write more about it on Monday, and post pictures. Stay tuned!
      p.s. I’m betting London is beyond cool. :)

  3. Such a fun evening and we can’t wait to hear all about it. Guess Who was a favorite during my younger years, too – fantastic that you got the backstage pass and VIP treatment to meet and hear Randy Bachman. We expect lots of photos and lots of writing about the concert and, especially, about you and Wendy together in London, please, please!

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