Springtime in Ottawa

Dear Wendy,

It’s that time of year again: the time I love the best.

It starts with a far-away honking noise. I know it right away, and start to scan the sky…and there they are! The Canada geese are returning from their long stay in the south, heading up north to their nesting grounds. Continue reading

The dark side of stardom

Dear Wendy,

You might remember last fall when I was shocked—stunned, in fact—that CBC Radio host Jian Ghomeshi had been fired from his job with the Mother Corp’s most listened-to show.

The reason? His CBC bosses had been shown graphic evidence that he’d physically injured a woman. In the weeks that followed, charges began to pile up like cars on the 401 during an ice storm. In all, 7 women pressed charges, including one charge of “overcoming resistance by choking.” That’s some pretty serious stuff. Continue reading

So we’re retired – what the hell happens now?

Dear Karen,

Last week, I became the wife of a retiree.  Yeah.  I know.

We’d been thinking and talking about the Big Day since last year, and recently, a friend of mine suggested I keep a diary, penning my thoughts about how he’s handling it.  She suggested I call it The First 50 Days.   I thought about doing that, but realised, I’d rather think about how I’m coping instead.

I guess I’m selfish that way.

Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central divvy up the spoils

Dear Awesome Advice Central,

Last year, my husband and I called it a day. We decided it was time to dissolve our marriage (in acid, as far as I’m concerned), and move on (to a quiet place where I can bury him and not get caught), after 11 years of wedded “bliss”. Continue reading

Is your kid a juvenile cyber-criminal?

Dear Wendy,

Have you heard the news story about the Grade 8 kid who was arrested for the crimes of “offense against a computer system” and “unauthorized access”?

His crime: he used his school’s administrative password (which he gleaned by watching a teacher type it in) to gain access to his teacher’s computer. Once in, the boy, Domanik Green, changed the teacher’s desktop background to a picture of two men kissing. Continue reading

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