The Saturday Post: Oct. 25

Dear Readers,

And what a week that was.

Not necessarily  in a good way, either—the shooting in Ottawa’s Parliament really cast a pall over our entire country.  A sense of melancholy has been in the air since Wednesday, and we suspect it’ll take Canadians some time to recover. Continue reading

Ottawa shooting: Shock and dismay

Dear Wendy,

I’m still in shock after yesterday’s terrible events in our city. It seems silly to say it now, but this kind of thing just doesn’t happen in Ottawa.

And yet…it did. So I guess it does happen here, now. Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central goes all vintage

This week, one half of our Awesome Advice team is off gallivanting in Toronto, so we’re bringing you a vintage bit of advice from the estimable column’s earliest days. Enjoy!

Dear Awesome Advice Central,

This is an unusual problem, but I can’t go to my boss for help because I don’t have a boss.

I own my own store, selling miniature owls that I make from moss and discarded birds’ nests. I spend hours making my little creations, using my own spit to render the birds’ nests the right consistency to blend properly with the moss. As I’m sure you can imagine, the results are stunning. Continue reading

Mothers and daughters: Reluctant gifts

Dear Wendy,

Last week someone asked me how I learned to knit.

I paused for a moment, trying to remember—I’ve been doing it for so long now, it’s hard to recall the details. I do know that our mother had something to do with it, which is a bit out of character for her, since she didn’t go in much for that whole “mothers and daughters” thing. Continue reading

Downsizing Survival Tips

Dear Wendy,

I’m starting to feel like a pro at this whole downsizing thing. In fact, I think I’m almost ready to give lessons. Continue reading

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