Our holiday season wishes to you

Dear Readers,

It’s that time of year again—time for us to slack off and take it easy for a couple of weeks, until this whole holiday thing blows over. Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central goes back in time

Dear Readers,

Today we’re taking a little trip—a trip back in time. To a dark, lonely time, when we at Awesome Advice Central were forced to toil away in isolation, with no pool boys to soothe our aching feet or do that knuckle thing on the back of the neck that helps ease away the kinks.

Terrible times, indeed. Continue reading

Perfect Hanukkah latkes

Dear Wendy,

Again with the recipes! Yesterday I told you how to make our mother’s delectable shortbread cookies, a treat she produced in quantity every Christmas.

Tonight we’ll be lighting the first candle of Hanukkah, and in our house you just don’t do that without potato latkes. My mother-in-law Phyllis taught me this recipe 30-some years ago, and I’ve been making them to her specs ever since. Continue reading

A shortbread cookie recipe to die for

Dear Wendy,

Over the years, I have come to accept a sad truth: I will never be a great baker.

I think I got my baking skills from our mother, who made excellent breads, very good pie crusts, amazing fruitcakes, and the most amazing shortbread cookies in the world…and that is all. Those were her four signature baked dishes—any other baked goods that came from her kitchen started life in a box with the name “Duncan Hines” or “Betty Crocker” stamped on the front. Continue reading

Sunday Videos: Tearjerkers

Dear Readers,

This week, it’s about crying from happiness, sadness and silliness. Continue reading

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