The worst of Awesome Advice Central

Dear Readers,

Our Question-Asker-in-Chief is off gallivanting in Italy, so this week we thought we’d take a trip back in time…back to the earliest days of Awesome Advice Central.

We know, you thought we’d been around forever. Common misunderstanding, brought on no doubt by the depth and breadth of our knowledge, and our ability to apply it to even the unlikeliest situations. Continue reading

Zen habits I’ve learned from camping

Dear Wendy,

Well, we’re back from our first camping trip of the year. I’m sun-burnt, wind-burnt, mosquito-bitten, and exhausted…and it was, as always, a delight.

While we were out in the woods with nothing between us and nature but a couple of layers of high-tech nylon, it occurred to me that if I had even half a mind to become a Buddhist, this would totally be the place to do it. Continue reading

A bump in the blogging road

Dear Readers,


A bump in the blogging roadIf you’ve tried to catch up with us lately, you’ll probably have noticed that our site has been very unpredictable—sometimes taking forever to load, sometimes giving error messages, sometimes just not coming up at all.

Unfortunately, we’ve hit a major technical snag with our blog’s host provider, Bluehost.

We’re currently working with them to find a solution, but until we can be sure that you’ll actually be seeing what we post here, we’ve decided to suspend publication of After the Kids Leave. We hope we’ll be back on the air within the next couple of days.

Thanks for continuing to check in, and keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ feeds for updates.

See you soon!

Karen and Wendy


Kids packing for college? You’ll be okay.

Dear Readers,

Two years ago this week, my youngest child was in the final stages of getting ready to leave for her first year of college…and I was, how shall we put this, freaking the hell out. Continue reading

Travelling Scotland by train

Dear Karen,

In 2011, Lars and I went to Scotland for the first time.  We decided to spend a few days seeing the countryside by train, so I booked us passage on the Royal Scotsman, which is run by Simplon Orient Express.

Continue reading

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