Exercise: “Some is good, more is better”

Dear Readers,

Last Saturday we talked about hunger and how it can derail even the best weight loss intentions. This week, I thought I’d put in a good word for exercise.

Yes, I know. You’re allergic to sweating. You hate the gym. You were traumatized by those blue bloomers they made you wear in high school. (Especially if you were tall. Can you say “permanent wedgie”?) Continue reading

Interview with a pig

Dear Readers,

In our efforts to bring you only the finest news, views, and entertainment, today we decided to give you a sneak peek into an Actual Conversation between Karen and Wendy. Oh, don’t thank us now.

It all started when, in the course of their daily Facebook Messenger chat, Wendy announced that she had had a longish heart-to-heart chat with a pig recently.

Yes, that’s exactly what Karen thought.

Here’s what ensued: Continue reading

The upside of downsizing your home

Dear Wendy,

I have a question for you: is there actually an upside to this whole “downsizing your home” thing? You’ve done it already, and right now, I really need a bit of reassurance.

Because despite all my optimism earlier this fall—hell, even a couple of weeks ago!—I’m kinda feeling the downside at the moment. Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central and the Mile High Club

Dear Awesome Advice Central,

I have a terribly embarrassing problem to reveal to you today. However, I would like to let your readers know that I was flying from Barnaby Basin to Totem Frog Inlet this past Saturday, on the 4.25 plane. Okay? Continue reading

Swingin’ on the Eurostar: To Paris and…back?

Dear Karen,

On Saturday, we boarded the 06.18 Eurostar, bound for Paris.  We were sleepy, having been up since 4, but happy to embark on a day trip to the City of Lights. Continue reading

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