Not your average Thanksgiving recipe

Dear Karen,

This week the US celebrates their Thanksgiving by eating turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.

In the interest of sharing a recipe that might be helpful on the day, I should really offer up my special version of one of those three, but no.  I’m going to be different. Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central & the Chameleon

Dear Awesome Advice Central,

My best friend is a really sweet girl, we get along well and do lots of fun things together. Can you hear the “…but…” coming? Because it is.

She has this one, little eensy-weensy habit that drives me up a tree and back down again and I really want her to stop but don’t know how. Continue reading

An ode to my alcoholic parents

Dear Wendy,

Yesterday I stumbled across this small bit of memoir I wrote 3 years ago about our cranky, argumentative, alcoholic parents.

I’m not sure why I wrote it, exactly—but it still rings true to me, and I thought you might like to take a look. Um, enjoy?



You know what I hate most about writing? The lede. Continue reading

Black Friday: Zombies in Aisle 9!

Dear Wendy,

Oh, huzzah. We’re coming up on Black Friday again.

Never heard of it? Understandable…if you’ve spent the past several years trekking through the Himalayas. Or maybe you were in a coma, and missed the part where retailers decided that the day after U.S. Thanksgiving would be the perfect time to stage a giant free-for-all of consumerist lust. Continue reading

Sunday Videos: and justice for all

Dear Readers,

Further proof that neo nazis are idiots.  We love how this German town got the better of them, beating them at their own game, using pacifist methods to undermine their so-called “cause”. Continue reading

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