Happy Hallowe’en: It’s all about the candy

Dear Karen,

Happy Hallowe’en!  I love this time of year—the crisp air, the falling leaves, the hint of winter in the air, saying good-bye to the heat and humidity of summer…I love it all. Continue reading

An autumn visit to Ontario

Dear Karen,

After more than two weeks in Toronto, I’m finally back in London.  As much as I love being home, I do miss  Canada, mostly because I finally got the chance to spend 14 whole days there, with my little grandson.  Oh yeah, and his parents.  They’re kind of important, too! Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central joins the gifted class

Dear Awesome Advice Team,

For years I’ve been attending parent-teacher meetings, plastering a fake smile on my face and acting like I’m happy with the marks my kids have been getting, when in fact all I want to do is put my head in the oven when I get home.  Some nights, I actually start up the oven before I get my car keys:  that’s how much I hate parent-teacher meetings. Continue reading

Communicating with our kids: Faxing it old-skool

Dear Wendy,

Have you ever wondered what our father would have thought about today’s communication tools? Can you imagine him trying to text, let alone SnapChat? Continue reading

The Great Ash Tree Massacre

Dear Wendy,

With all that happened last week, I forgot to tell you about the Great Ash Tree Massacre that happened practically in our back yard. Continue reading

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