Travelling to the past on the Orient Express

Dear Karen,

Last week, Lars and I time travelled back a century when we boarded The Orient Express in London.  And what a trip it was!

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The origins of Labour Day

Dear Readers,

We celebrate Labour Day every year – anyone know why?  When we were young, we didn’t care, we just knew it was the last day before school started, our last chance to sleep in, play on the swings, watch mindless TV and maybe enjoy a barbecue at the end of the day.

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The Ice Bucket List

Dear Readers,

We hear tell there’s an ice bucket challenge out there in the big world.  While we want no part of ice cubes running down our necks, we do think it’s fun to watch other people getting involved.

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Beginning college: See them off in style

Dear Readers,

This week we’re bringing you another Saturday list—and we thought we’d address what’s on a lot of parents’ minds right now.

If your kids are heading off to college this week, whether for the first or the fifth time, we’ve gathered up a great big pile of resources to help both of you cope. Continue reading

Tales from the tattoo shop

Dear Wendy,

If you’re like me, you have looked askance once or twice at a young person sporting a tattooed arm or shoulder. I have to admit that until recently, if someone were to have asked me, “What’s your favourite kind of body art?” I’d have drawn a blank.

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