Time for some time off

Dear Readers,

As you know, Wendy is currently in Toronto with her grandson Scott, and I’m back home, but in that stage between selling a house and buying another, and getting all the furniture from the old place to the new. And of course, when Wendy gets home, she’ll be moving from London to Toronto…let’s just say it’s going to be a more-than-usually busy time for both of us.

So we had a talk the other night and decided that this would probably be an excellent time for us to take a brief hiatus from this blog. Not too long—we don’t want you to forget us!—but we figure a couple of weeks worth of time off should give us the breathing room we both need.


“Time off,” get it?    geralt / Pixabay

We’ll be back in two weeks’ time, with more great stories, travelogues, videos, opinions, and ideas. So until then, keep your powder dry and your stick on the ice…and we’ll see you soon!


Karen and Wendy


Grandmother in a strange land

Dear Karen,

Here I am in Toronto, babysitting my little grandson while his parents go to their friend’s wedding in China.

As you do.

Today is my first day flying solo, and I’m not afraid to say it: I’m a little apprehensive. We don’t see each other often; he’s more used to seeing me on FaceTime than in real life, to be honest. That can be the cost of living abroad: losing out on more moments like this. Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central: A grave error

Dear Awesome Advice Central,

Darling Uncle Jimmy died last week. He’s my cousin’s step-father, whom I’ve known since I was a wee laddie of 5. I’d lost my own father, due to an unfortunate and totally unforeseen shaving accident, when I was 4, and Uncle Jimmy bravely stepped in to help out Mam and the other kiddies in our little family.

Uncle Jimmy even helped Mam to the hospital when she had a baby after Da died. Looking back, I can see how much Mam and Da loved each other, as that baby arrived 9 months to the day after Da popped his clogs. Continue reading

What’s the hype around Mad Max Fury Road?

Dear Wendy,

First up, I have to tell you that I’m not a fan of dystopian road-warrior films.

The thought of spending two hours watching beefy, sweaty unshaven guys who are mortal enemies duking it out while speeding across a ravaged landscape on steampunk/post-apocalyptic vehicles really doesn’t do it for me.

So when my family prevailed upon me to come with them to watch Mad Max Fury Road on the weekend, I admit I wasn’t filled with enthusiasm. Continue reading

10 rules for entering my house

Dear Karen,

A few weeks ago, you wrote about the stress of moving and I nodded in sympathy when you spoke of the upheaval in your life.

Perhaps the upheaval has moved to London, because now it’s my turn to enjoy the fun of moving!  We don’t own our home, which, in theory, should make our departure easier than yours.  We just pack, exit stage left, hand back the keys and skidaddle.

Um, not quite. Continue reading

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