Sunday Videos: guitars, dogs and Lois

Dear Readers,

What happens when you invite 100 people to your party, and over 900 show up?  Sing, of course! Continue reading

And now a word from Rachel…

Dear Wendy,

Rachel here. I’m pretty sure if my mother tried to write a post right now, she might just break down. See, she’s had a rough past 48 hours, mainly because she was helping me move all my junk…er… precious possessions out of Humber residence, where I’ve just finished my third year, and into a temporary storage locker. Continue reading

How to destroy a diet in less than 2 days

Dear Karen,

Last week, we flew to Denmark to attend Lars’s farewell dinner in Copenhagen.

I’d gone there with the best of intentions.   Having recently joined the FitBit generation, I was determined I wouldn’t overeat, and that I’d get tons of walking in, to off-set whatever extra calories I’d inhaled on the trip.


I didn’t even make it out of the Arrivals Hall in Copenhagen.  Continue reading

Change – it’ll be a doozy this summer

Dear Karen,

Ch-ch-ch-changes, turn and face the strain.  Thanks, David Bowie, for putting it so well.

Like you, we’re also facing the strain of a few changes this summer. 

Lars and I will begin our summer in one home, and end up in another, in a different country and continent. Continue reading

Awesome Advice Central: The Office Flirt

Dear Awesome Advice Central,

I need your help in getting a young woman off my husband’s back. And yes, I do know how awful that sounds. It gets worse, so stick around. Read and weep, ladies of Awesome Advice. Read and weep.

This office flirt, I’ll call her Bettina, works with my husband and is overwhelmingly, blatantly, droolingly, interested in married men. Continue reading

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